Cute things strange guys do?

i was at the gym, and there were a bunch of dumbbells on the ground, I was jumping from dumbbell to dumbbell, taking a rest from lifting. anyways, when I looked up two hot girls were looking and laughing. they told my friend who works the desk it was cute. weird example I know. anyways, what kind of things do guys do that are cute to you?


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  • There are a million things I find cute about guys and their behavior :P It could be something simple as I dunno.. the way a guy daydreams, or even then way a guy gets all worried if he thinks he looks like an idiot when he's clumsy.. :P I thought it was cute when the other day at my boyfriends house, I was so tired, so I lay down on his bed and he put the covers on me but also tucked the covers inward in front of me. He says it feels so much more comfortable:P its dorky, but sweet:) Honestly, you d be surprised at the things girls find cute about a guy=P


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  • You were jumping over them, or on them? (Kind of like the "floor is lava" game?) I'd say it was because you were acting like a kid again and didn't care what was going on around you. Little boy-ish behavior like that is what makes us charming :)

  • I once had a woman tell me how cute I looked when I was slicing down trees with my claws!


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