What is hotter - Hair up or down?

Guys would you rather have a girl have her hair up and out of her face when your having sex or down and all over the place. Past guys I've been with say they like it down, but my ex says he likes when I wear it in a lose ponytail with some pieces around my face and next to my ears, it gives me a rough and innocent look and he can look in my eyes, so I'm confused which is hotter?


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  • I like her to have her hair down, especially when she is sitting on me, because it sets her features well and is very sexy, too. She has long dark hair, wavy, and very pale skin, so it sits well over her shoulders and contrasts nicely against her skin.

    As it cascades down over her breasts, it sort of screams 'natural beauty' like when you see those old paintings with the women covering up with their hair. I've always liked it because hair isn't so much a body cover or clothing, you know it can be moved easily. When it covers her breasts it's like a tease, being both sexy and somewhat mysterious.

    It also sets well with her face, while not trying to talk up my abilities or anything, is normally displaying pleasure and enjoyment, and seeing her sat there with everything out, her hair down and untidy not typically done up in her usual ponytail and neat, it's like she both doesn't care about her appearance over the pleasure, and as stated, wants to look as sexy as possible for me.

    There's also the issue with how her hair, mainly just the very tips, feel against my skin. We capture each other in our own way, and when she's above me and leaning forward, her hair comes down like a shroud around me and it's like we are in our own little world, watch each others faces as we make love. And hair hair gently soothes and sometimes tickles my skin, which adds to the overall pleasure and stimulation feeling we get.

    I'd take hair down over hair up anyday. Even when it's in my mouth and eyes. :)

    Hope that's answered well enough for you. :)

    • wow. best answer. that's about all I can say :)

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    • Cool someone likes fair skin and dark wavy hair like me!

    • It's the best. Blond hair and tanned skin sucks! :D

      And thanks, jenjen. Best comment, that's about all I can say :)

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  • The natural motion of the hair is ideal. It's so pretty the way it gets all messy when the sex is rough, and it's a huge turn on when the hair is normal during slow "love making".

    So, down is the best.

  • To me, both equally. It depends on the guy & the girl...

  • up

  • hairs should be up.

    always keep them up.

  • Down all over the place, just feels more natural than when its up

  • It doesn't matter because there's always a bag over her face, and there's a Bag over my face in case her bag falls off.


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