Why does he just stop talking me?

i have this interesting friendship with this guy I like. I'm sure he likes me (I like him too) but we're painfully shy with each other sometimes for various reasons.

at any rate, we'll be texting all the time and then he'll stop talking to me. he won't even say hi when he sits next to me in class.

he usually saves me a seat in our other class together and he didn't do that the other day. he didn't even look at me and this is after ignoring a text message from me. he always gets so awkward with talking to me and he stares at me (BOLDLY) all the time. I'll catch him staring and he won't even look away, but he can't say hey?

sometimes I think he's annoyed with me, but if I attempt to ignore him, he'll do dumb things like clear his throat or make noise to get my attention as opposed to saying what's up? or if I leave class before him, he catches up to me so we can ride the train together, but again, he'll ignore me five minutes before this.

am I crazy? is this normal?

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  • he still not talken to u?


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