What does it mean when you look at a guy and then they look right at you?

Basic question, but complicated. Does it mean he knows your in the room and he is waiting for you to look at him. It is a mutual attraction towards each other, or has he just caught you? Or what if it happens quite frequently?

This had to have happened to at least some ppl! Please help!


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  • When a girl looks at me "quite frequently", especially if she looks directly at me (rather than side glancing) I take it to mean that she is interested in me and wants me to initiate contact. If I don't approach her and look directly at her rather then ignoring her it means that I know she is interested and I think she is physically attractive/cute but she has shown me nothing to really attract me/motivate me to pursue her. In my mind the question "What else can you do?" flashes through my mind. Personality counts for a lot. A lot of girls think they can win guys with only their looks, so they dress nice, put on makeup, and stand there like statues waiting endlessly for the guy they are crushing on to approach them. I pass over a lot of girls that do this. I can afford to because there are hundreds of girls just like you.

    My advice would be to show off your personality. It could be interaction with your friends and people around you. It may be showing your intelligence in a classroom or in the work place. Try talking to the guy you are interested in with general conversation. If you have good conversation and a little chemistry flirt and see where it leads.

    Girls tend to try and put all the responsibility on guys to start things. They are so afraid of rejection that they will wait years crushing on the same guy hoping to be noticed. You have an equal stake in any possible relationship. If you are interested in a guy, put in some effort! Talk to him, get to know him, and flirt. Show off your intelligence, scene of humor, etc.

    I know many girls make excuses that if they initiate anything that they will look desperate, but as a guy nothing looks more desperate then being hung up on a guy for months/years waiting like a statue. From my perspective, I notice girls that do this and pass them over 99% of the time. The girls that have a good personality, have a scene of humor nice laugh/smile, can keep up intelligent conversation, etc. are the girls that capture my attention. If you want something, you have to take some risks. As Mark Twain once said:

    Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

    • WOW! thanks so much for this! And I do show my personality, a lot of people tell me I'm very genuine and immediatly come to the conclusion that I'm pretty intelligent looking? I had a couple guys just like me by the way I look (as in smarty looks lol) :S And I talk alot, I find that when I'm talking to a group of my friends or telling a story, he is like listening in from a couple seats away! ha ha What could that mean? that he's shy? but he can't be! he's a gemini! anyways, thanks again!

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    • It's funny - when I go to a local hangout place and my guy friend is there...I notice that he listens in on my convo too! If and when that friend leaves or goes to the bathroom or whatever, he'll put in his 2 cents worth! It's funny! Most of the time I don't even think he's paying attention! So weird!

    • Maybe he likes you ;)

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  • you just caught each others' eyes. simple


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