Would this color suit my friend?

Hey, I have a best friend who's going through a rough patch right now and she wants me to make-over her hair. Right now she dyes it black and it looks good, but I think she should lighten it up. I'd say her skin is similar to Olivia Palermo's (really neutral and kinda light) and she has green eyes that sometimes look green-blue. I think she should get it done like Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel's hair (lighter brown with lots of blond highlights).

What do you think (guys and girls)?


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  • I say... try it out! That's the nice thing about hair... you can always change it back. :)

    Now... be careful though! Since her hair is already dyed black, it could be damaged when trying to remove the color. The final color (after the re-dye) might look good, but the hair could end up being a mess from being "fried" during the bleaching process. Take some good precautions and use some really good conditioners after the fact and you should be okay.

    Good luck and tell your friend to keep her chin up!


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  • Oh, that sounds like she'd look GREAT! This is really sweet, you must be a great friend...


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  • Damn, black hair huh ? I make the mistake of dying it black haha, let me warn you, unless you can do bleach really good, you might wanna go to a professional. As for the color, you should do like a light brown/copper tone, with the blond undertones you know ? Well I guess you can't answer that, but yeah, good luck !


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