When do girls start wanting to be with good guys?

basically I want to know when the pretty girls actually start wanting to be with nice/good guys? I'm getting tired of being alone and feeling unattractive, even when people say I'm relatively good looking and a great guy. its like what the freak?! lol

when do girls start coming around for us, well-mannered good guys? I don't even care if I only date one girl, my whole life, as long as she's the one. I'd prefer not to date a lot honestly. I just want to find that right girl and find her soon if possible. I'm not saying I want to get married in like a year or anything lol but just to be able to be with the right girl for me and have each other, and to have that companionship sounds truly great.

i just don't understand why genuine guys a lot of times have the hardest time with women. :/


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  • I know what you mean I'm a girl and I'm always told that I'm really pretty but I'm sick of waiting for a good looking guy who's sweet as they all go out with the really out there girls and I'm 16 but everyones different


What Guys Said 1

  • when they get ugly

    • eww ;P

    • yeah, as in when they get older, that's why dating and relationships are better when we are in the prime of our lives

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