Can a man dress like a winner even if he feels like a loser?

i feel like a loser. for many reasons. I've seen guys who are losers as well but they dress well and get the ladies. should I do this?
so I shouldn't have to dress like a million bucks just to get women to be attracted to me?


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  • google this:

    Select the men bit...and you can look at different clothing styles to help if you want to change your appearance. But with clothes you find, confidence is a really sexy outfit. But not cocky or arrogant. Just be sure of yourself , it makes all your clothes look good!

    • Bro, do NOT dress like any of the guys at that website...It's very hard to pull the look and not look like a complete idiot. Not to say that the clothing style for most of the guys in that website looked hideous.

      You should probably work on your physical body first and then mimic their clothing style.

    • Dude, if more guys dressed like the guys on, I'd die of happiness. But some of it is probably pretty hard to pull off.

      That being said, to the person above me, you could use the website just to get inspiration and see what you like, not copy a look completely. While some of the stuff on there is a little out there for most straight guys, there's plenty of stuff that's pretty doable and classic.

      So yeah, sorry for the long rambling comment, I agree with this answer. ;D

    • Please read my answer carefully. I suggested lookbook for inspiration, Its just like look ing at a catalogue, its not achievable but it gives you an idea if you want change. And then I went on to say that its not about the clothes you wear but how you wear it. And by that I mean confidence and stuff. Sorry to sound angry Icetea but I was not suggesting copying someone else completly

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  • it's your confidence. not what you wear


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  • You need to dress like a douchebag,thug, or a wankster to get a good looking young woman.

  • get a designer wallet and pack it with $100 bills


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