How much do guys care about eyes?

question says it all:)


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  • I'd like for a potential girlfriend to have eyes, but if she didn't I could probably work around it as long as she didn't bump into things all the time.

  • The eyes are like the gateway into our souls/hearts. I can usually detect peoples personality by looking in their eyes. I can tell if they have a bad past, have an adventurous sense of mind, or peaceful, etc. Usually when I look into their eyes and I can feel the breeze of a warm summer wind touching my skin and peace of mind. That is the only beginning feeling of me finding someone I love =)

    • nice choice of words :) lol. I agree because I'll just use myself as an example. everybody tells me that I'm so secretive in a bad way just by looking into my eyes... ha ha I know :/

    • yea exactly, that's all matters and counts, each pair of eyes is like a different kinds of art. Don't change who you are, Your eyes says it all. =)

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