How do I look cuter with my appearance?

I am 16 and people assume I am 16-20. I like that some think I look my age which is great. Most, however think I am 18. I get that age a lot. I know it's something to do with my appearance. I wear black frames, sophisticated hairstyle and I wear blue/black eye liner that make my dark brown eyes stand out/pop which accentuates my black hair.
If you can give me some tips/advise. That would be awesome! :)


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  • If you want to look younger, then you need to wear lighter eye makeup. Try peach or white eyeliner with a little shimmery eye shadow. Sometimes putting mascara on both lower and upper lashes can make your eyes look bigger.

    use a soft blush on the apples of your cheeks, make it more round instead of blending it up.

    maybe try experimenting with different glasses, something lighter and softer and more round.

    wear cute accessories in your hair, maybe try a ponytail.


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