Cute vs. Hot, which is better?

Alright guys, this is kinda a couple questions:

First question--Is there a difference between pretty, cute, beautiful or hot? and which do you prefer?

And, my second question: I noticed guys usually say they prefer cute girls over hot. But, I've noticed guys ask out more girls that are considered, what's the reason for this? just hoping to get lucky or would you really rather date the hot girl?



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  • Yes, there are differences between all those terms.

    Pretty is just pretty, like dressed up...prom dress pretty. It's nice to see, but doesn't spark a sexual frame of mind or anything.

    Cute is shy or innocent. She's angelic like and I'd treat her like a friend. Again, nothing sexual.

    Beautiful is like a model, but again, in a non-sexual way.

    Hot is the only one where she looks sexy to me.

    The asking out hot over do you know that? Just by talking about other girls with guys? Either way, it's similar to the girls dating jerks thing. Girls want to date a nice guy- they always say "I wanna nice guy...where are all of 'em?" Next thing you know, she ends up with a jerk. Same thing.


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  • It depends on the girl. I find different things about different girls to be hot, but some things are just plain cute. I prefer to go for the cute type, but most cute girls I consider to be beautiful, but I don't like the sexy type.

  • its just preference to how someone say someone is attractive

    someone might like to say cute more then saying pretty

    and same for beautiful vs hot or gorgeous vs flawless

    and for your question

    so basically if a guy says or want to date a cute/pretty/beautiful/hot girl its there preference when it comes to what is attractive...

    -if I answered your question please (best answer) if applicable-

  • Cute=Innocent and/or angelic-looking.

    Hot=More sexual and edgy-looking.

    Pretty=too cute to be hot, but too hot to be cute.

    A beautiful woman can be cute, hot, or pretty, as long as they present themselves in an incredibly classy way through such things as make-up, clothing, or jewelry.

    Generally, I find that I'm more interested in hot women for sex, but more interested in cute and pretty women for relationships.

  • Cute can mean hot at the same time. Both intermix a lot of times. Both ways can attract guys but the hot girl might get a bigger audience. I wouldn't mind either. Its hard to choose generally. Gotta know the girl. Some girls click better than the other. Both are highly attractive though.


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  • I think it is best when a guy calls you beautiful. My fiance calls me beautiful all the time :D


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