He looks at you, but doesn't smile. What are your thoughts?

I see this come up a lot, seems like a pet peeve some women have. I always forget to smile when I exchange glances with a girl, I'm too busy looking at her... remember, men can only do one thing at a time, lol. What goes through your head when this happens to you? How do you react? Should I avoid doing it?


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  • if you stare kind of awkwardly and creepily, then yeah, avoid it. but the eyes, not just your smile, can say a lot too! if you "smile with your eyes", which is a true smile but without the mouth, that can mean just as much and make a stare more comfortable.

  • lol! now that's a strange behavior...no girl would ever like a guy staring at her without giving any expression! Am a girl...so I know! So...you better stop doing it! :D


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