What did the eye thing mean?

Basically there's this guy called Pete. He constantly rips the piss out of me all the time (he does to everyone but especially me), he brushes past me, he's walked me home a few times, his friends say he likes me and sometimes I do think he likes me but other times I'm not so sure.

But here's the thing ... whenever he looks at me I feel really strange!

Saturday night I was in the kitchen with him messing around and we started kissing and I really felt then that I wanted him. The next day we were on the sofa and we were play fighting again and he stared at me in the eyes then we kissed.

When he looks at me in the eye it feels weird, tingly and nice and different. I've never felt it before.

What does it mean?

Does the other person get it to?

Does he like me or is he just playing around?


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What Guys Said 1

  • If he DIDN'T like you he wouldn't have come around a second time. The tingle is INFATUATION(a good thing). Only time will tell if he feels the same.


What Girls Said 1

  • It means you like him. He might get it, but not definitely.

    It sounds like he likes you, but you probably shouldn't kiss him if you like him and don't know what he thinks about you. Wait till you're sure you two have something.