What makes a woman beautiful?

Guys, when you look at a girl and see beauty what is it exactly that you are seeing? What combination of perfections, maybe even a few flaws, make you look at a woman and think, "Wow, she's beautiful".


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  • Its extremely difficult to explain what I see when I see a beautiful girl... "beautiful" means something very unique to everyone.. To me, when I see absolutely NO imperfection of any kind on a girl, I don't see beauty... Then, I'm forced to look for inner beauty right away! And that's a challenge on a whole different level!

    But, there definitely is a combination of perfections and flaws... BUT the thing is.. when I see beauty, I don't think "combo. of perfection and flaw".. I just perceive it as "all perfection" because that's my mind's definition of beauty... OK this is getting complicated so I'll just give you an example.. here is what I see in my love.. She's not too tall.. her head reaches to my heart exactly.. and that's perfect for me.. and when we stand and hug, she tells me she hears my heart beat.. and that just makes my day.. nothing can erase the smile on my face after she says that... her face is perfect to me.. Although I see her all the time, I can't remember her flaws.. they slip my mind like they don't even exist.. because they don't deserve to exist.. yet, if they didn't, then she wouldn't be who she is...

    You question is really excellent.. it just goes to show that beauty is just too complicated to describe.. well, I tried my best =)


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  • What makes a woman beautiful. Hmm so many things come to mind. So many little imperfections. Sometimes when you make that awkward eye contact with someone and the moment your eyes lock on onto someone else's eyes, you tend to get a little kick in the stomach. Butterflies they call it. That's the feeling of beauty. The beauty of life. The beauty of love. The beauty of connection.I could go on for DAYS about this. Hope this helps!

  • Prfetty facial features & a cute figure shape, but most important a warm, caring personality & a big heart...

  • Flaws are beautiful in themselves, its what makes us unique. Words cannot describe what I am exactly thinking when I see it.


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