I don't mention about her looks?

Sometimes I search intentionally, sometime I come across by chance on the internet to girls that live nearby, have some commonalities with me (mutual friends, loving cats, same occupation, homeland, etc.) and who are beautiful. So I chat with them to see what kind of personalities they have, whether they'll like me etc etc but I do never mention about their beauty. (both beauty and personalities are important for me). I do find it cheesy to mention about their beauty.

Is it OK not to mention about their beauty?


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  • I think after you get to know them a bit it would be nice to compliment their looks, I won't start of a conversation with 'Hey I came across a picture of you, thought you looked hot so decided to chat to you' because most girls are just going to find that creepy, but once you've chatted a few times and gotten to know them I think it's fine to start a conversation with 'Hey cutie/good looking/gorgeous/etc'


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