Girls who want nice guys?

I see lots of girls post up about how they are through with jerks and want nice guys. So how do I meet you? Where should I look, what should I say? I honestly don't know how to go about meeting real girls so I usually end up with bimbos or wishy-washy types and it's getting tiring.

What do you girls like to do? What are your hobbies, interests, loves? I'm being serious here, I really want to start meeting people but being that I 1) work a lot & it involves traveling and 2) have 100% *manly* hobbies and interests I don't get to meet many women outside of bars and clubs 1X a month.
Yeah tried online, it was all right but I find that I really have to BS on a profile to get hits. Like saying I'm 6' tall instead of 5'10", athletic instead of slim, whatever. I did go on dates but it wasn't anything substantial.
Okcupid was the one I tried, it seems okay for getting laid but not much else.


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  • Bars and Clubs are the worst way to meet women. They are usually filled with people not really looking for anything but to party. I am a nice girl, I was using the online dating sites when I was able to find my boyfriend. I found it hard to find a guy, and I was also shy.

    I know you said you have tried online dating and don't get any hits, but I found OK Cupid to be bad for finding ppl. Just because there weren't many people from my country on there. Now, how many women have you actually messaged? Don't wait for women to message you, send out some messages. Good ones too like take stuff from their profile and put that into your message. If they post pics of a vacation they went on, ask about that. Just something that shows interest.

    And what does your profile look like? Like did you put a lot of detail into it? I have done the online dating game for a few years now on and off and I have found out certain things work better than others on a profile. Make sure you have an updated picture, have a few pictures too. List a bunch of your interests, like travelling, where have you been? Have a favorite restaurant in a favorite destination? Talk about that. That gives you a chance to show your personality and also gives ladies and insight to who you are. Manly hobbies are fine too, just outline them on your profile. I'm sure there are ladies out there who like some of the same stuff as you :)

    Well I hope you have good luck finding yourself a lady!


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  • I think sports in the gym, at a game riding a bike, join an adventure club, anything active and fun... Good luck

  • haha *manly* hobbies

    start a chat with me we'll talk

  • nice guys are not the ones who are OK with getting laid from online dating sites because in real life they're gross and people know where they've been.

    nice guys are rare. a lot of guys say they are 'nice guys' but seriously there aren't too many out there.

  • how do I meet a nice guy? seriously, girls want nice guys, guys want nice girls, so where are all these people hiding?


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  • A lot of women certainly think they do want a nice guy. What I've figured out from my own personal life is that women do want a nice guy but only after he's got her hooked by being a jerk. Most women I've encountered need the guy to be a self-centered pr*ck at least in the very beginning or they find him boring or not enough of a "challenge".

    I've got the same kind of life you do - work and travel a lot - and I date a lot. I use online dating. There are a couple good free sites: and The other pay sites like and are a little tougher to meet people on but they are generally more serious.

    About your question about where to specifically meet ones who want nice guys, I've found all kinds of girls are mixed in in all kinds of places. It's a numbers game. Just get out there and start meeting them and you'll get a realistic idea of the kind of girl that's out there that you'd like to be with.

  • the only girls that do want nice guys are second or third-rate girls


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