I want to improve my dress sense/style?

I think I dress OK but more importantly recently I would like to look better. I don't look like a bum or anything lol, but I'm terrible when it comes to buying clothes, I just buy whatever I don't pay attention to what goes with what or colours. Any advice from girls or other guys is greatly appreciated


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  • 1. Good fitting dark jeans

    2. Band t-shirts that you like, funny t-shirts, vintage shirts (stay away from Affliction)

    3. Buy a casual suit jacket (H&M has them at all price ranges)

    4. If your shoes are falling apart just buy new ones already, black shoes go with anything.

    If you're unsure about matching just buy earthy tones like blue, green, black, brown.

    (This is just my opinion of what looks good, take it with a grain of salt. Don't lose your personal style. All girls have their own personal preference.)


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What Girls Said 1

  • dark jeans that aren't too loose or too tight (pleeeeaaasseee no skinny jeans, I hate that haha), and I don't know about other girls but I absolutely love long sleeve button up shirts on guys, t-shirts that aren't too loose or tight, sneakers


What Guys Said 1

  • Best advice I can give you is:

    1. Go to the better local shop.

    2. Buy stuff off the mannequins. Literally everything that the mannequin has on, because the shop spends a LOT of thought and effort on making sure those clothes go well together. Especially focus on clothes that match your eye color. Also, for the summer, don't shy away from bright colors like turquoise, lavender, orange.

    3. Take the stuff to the dry cleaners or the tailor shop and have them adjusted so it fits you better. Primarily this has to do with slimming the shirts down.


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