How Many Shoes Do You Own?

I own a total of: 4 pairs (I think) 5 if you count the pair of trainers that doesn't fit me😂

I own:

- a pair of "girl shoes" as I like to call them, I got them for prom but I'm going to keep them, just incase I have to put an effort into the way I look and wear a dress looking really formal or something- then I'll have them to go with whatever I'm wearing😂

- Boot slippers, which I wear around the house and only in the house.

- A pair of grey trainers with pink addidas stripes, that I got last year for a school trip, and just kept wearing them for the rest of the year up until now, but they recently got a hole in the bottom of them.

- A pair of vans which are like a bluey greyish kinda colour. I got them today because my other pair got a hole in them, so they're my main pair of shoes now- and I'll probably wear them until they get worn out or get a hole in them😂And I got lucky because the place where I buy my shoes from had a sale on but my mum was getting so annoyed at me because I took so long to pick- I'm indecisive😂😂That's irrelevant, but whatever😂

I managed to find a pic of the ones I got today- they're so comfy and I think they're cute and they go with basically all of my clothes😂:
How Many Shoes Do You Own?
So I own 4 (technically 5) pairs, that's kind of a lot I know, but I mean I only wear the boot slippers and the trainers :)

So, how much do you own? :)
How Many Shoes Do You Own?
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