Just turned 18! Going clubbing this Saturday! Need tips!

I'm going clubbing this Saturday for the first time because I just turned 18 (would've gone earlier if I had a fakey lol)! I need tips on what to do, how to 'talk', what to wear - I know different clubs have different dress codes but which items of clothing make a suitable all rounder? Any other tips and advice welcome! :)
Had a great night last night, thanks for all the advice everyone! :D


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  • Well I don't know which state your in, but I can tell you about Melbourne which is probably the same everywhere else.

    Going clubbing, you have to first figure out the reason for going. Are you going to meet new people, pick up women or dance and have fun? Then know the dress code of the place, usually by going to the club's website, reading their information and looking at the gallery pictures. Dress how you'd normally dress if you can, show your personality, dress up if that's your style and you'll be separated by the boring T-shirt and Jeans look. Keep in mind that you're friends are gonna think something of you for dressing up. But they haven't read this article ;)

    When you finally go there and know why you are there, you'll have to stand in line outside for a while. This is for the security gaurd 'bouncers' to tell whether you are intoxicated by watching if you can stand in line, be patient, not fall over, be acting loud and crazy in line and sometimes will have a conversation with you to smell your breath and see if you can hold a conversation. It's illegal for them to let in an intoxicated patron. You'll be scanned by metal dectector to see if you are carrying any dangerous items such as a knife. Once you've been cleared. You're free to go in and pay for entry.

    Going in, you'll be HIT by the smell of alcohol and it's going to take you a while to get used to the environment and really get into the 'zone' of the place.

    You'll come to find that 90% of males there are there to pick up women and try to get women to grind or dance with them.

    I'll tell you what it's like in there. Some places are small some are big. Clubs will generally have a type of music they play and different nights eg Fridays or Sat days can call for different music. Sometimes their will be events held to promote people to go the clubs, such as ladies night (free entry for women). If you're a fan of most pop, RnB and house music, then you should have a problem with enjoying the music.

    In there is LOUD, trust me you won't be able to talk to a people without screaming directly into their EAR. So if you're there to meet and get phone numbers, it's rather a challenge but do-able. Just hand over you're phone to her and act like she's suppose to type in her phone number. Another technique is to ask to see her to see phone, make a call to your phone and say thanks for the number. This generally THROWS and SHOCKS most woman off.

    Unless you're at a club where most young people go, you'll be surround by people in their 20s-30s.

    You better be a dancer or else you're gonna have nothing to do! Most clubs will have podiums like mini stages for people to jump on and be over looking the crowd. I suggest you jump on that straight away and get over the fear!

    Now here's my personal take on the whole scene:

    Clubs are places I go to only occasionally, it's not a real great place to meet great women as most of them are around you're age and there to get drunk and have fun. Continued..

    • And there's nothing wrong with that. But if you're abit of a matured person for you're age and seek women who are mature, fun, smart, sophisticated and can add value to my life. Then you're better off finding women in other places.

      Going there, means that I'll be dancing the whole night, brushing up on my dance skills and dance with a woman who can actually dance. Though you won't be able to find many woman who can do more than move up and down their knees. Also it means 4am cold walk home and

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    • Go build some fundamentals first buddy, do the things I recommended you do when we first met. Build a solid foundation and trust me, it doesn't matter what you say to women, it doesn't matter how you look, all that matters these little special things women find attractive. Confidence and Chemistry. When I give you techniques you wonder whether they will work of not because you haven't taken time to build a foundation yet. Oh and yes it does work. That's how I got my first girlfriend's number ;)

    • Okay, this may take a while lol.

      BTW, we postponed the clubbing thing to next week so I guess I now have time to get a haircut and new shoes lol.

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  • I have some advice... Ju-just dance, spend that record babe, du-du-du-du just dance dance dance just-just-just dayunce! ;) lol hope you have a blast

  • Hi MakeLoveNotWar,

    I actually don't know anything really about clubbing that could really help you... That's not really my scene at all. But I hope you have a good, fun time and happy belated birthday. :)

    So here are some tips I found-

    link (You can disregard the drinking comments since you're only 18)





    The gist is go with the flow -- just chill and hang out, dress casual, ask a girl to dance if you want to...

    • Thanks for the links! :)

      I'll try to go with the flow lol...

      P.S.18 is the legal drinking age here in Oz! :P

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    • And I bet you appreciate the fact you only have to be 18 eh? :) ?

    • Haha, you know it! :P

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  • First congrats on your birthday ;)

    Seconly... be yourself! I giggled when I saw this! Who cares what other people think of ya? It's your first night out so you enjoy it how you want! "What do I say" :)... There's nothing to say, just be friendly and polite to people, don't go shouting and swearing... you'll look like a clown! As for dancing... we all dance like idiots when we're drunk and you shouldn't care, as times go's on and you've had more nights out you'll realize that drunken dancing/waking up the next day with bruises from falling over whilst drunk dancing are some the night's highlights lol. Drunken antics are class!

    As for dress... avoid the white shoes, trainers, trackies and hooded tops! Nice jeans, nice top/shirt, cheeky blast of aftershave... sorted :) ... 1 thing you can say, go to the bar and say 'Double vodka red bull', drink it then go back... repeat that same line and repeat the process until nice and drunk ;) hahahaha

    Enjoy yourself man, don't over do it lol

    • Thanks, and thanks for the tips! I was gonna wear white/grey shoes, so now that you mentioned it I guess it's a no-no lol. And about the jeans, are black skinnies fine?

      Btw, I don't think I'll get too drunk in the club lol, just tipsy! :P

      Last time I got drunk I nearly got arrested, and before that I nearly died lol, so no to drinking my ass off (and plus I don't wanna get kicked out)! :P

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    • Pick pockets ain't the problem man... It's being drunk and letting them fall out when your dancing :) Nights out have claimed several phones from me... and I still love it :) hahaha

      Have fun young man

    • Oh, right. Anyway, hopefully I will, thanks! :)

  • Avoid white trainers and jeans. Tracksuit anything is a no-no and as for how to talk, I would suggest taking a deep breath and choosing your words carefully; no-one is going to hear them unless the music stops.

    With dancing, remember the classic piece of advice "the more you move your arms, the stupider you look" and try not to buy drinks that are in pint-glasses - bottles are easier to carry and if you get bumped by someone strutting their stuff, it isn't a disaster.

    • Shit, I was gonna wear jeans, but there was no way in hell I was ever gonna wear a tracksuit lol! And f***, I can't really dance so I was hoping to compensate that by moving my arms a lot, so thanks for that advice lol, and also the thing about the pint-glasses and bottles, smart tip! :)

      Btw, are skinny jeans also a no-no? :/

    • It really depends on the club or pub in question. There are a lot of rules that apply on, say, a Saturday but not a Friday.

    • Ah! F*cking rules! They better let me in lol!

  • Dress like a cowboy, and lasso some females! Screw dressing like everybody else in the club, you got to stand out, even if you look like a fool...just don't act like a fool and you'll be getting all the ladies! ; )


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