Can I get a guy who is out of my league?

I like a guy who is TOTALLY out of my league. I'm serious he is a 10 and I'm like a 6 or something. I Know that your gonna say , your not as bad looking as you think you are but trust me I am. So anyways , I just can't stop thinking about him but every time I think about him I feel like I don't have the right to do so. My question is , can I get a guy who is out of my league? and HOW?


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  • Of course you can! some dreams do come true. Beauty is in the eye of the holder...its completely opinionated. I find that many people look more for personality in a partner. Just be yourself. He is only out of your "league" if you think he is ,go and talk to him , if he does not like you then no loss , if he is interested then go for it ,he may be hanging back because he thinks you are out of HIS league. He is only human...remember that.


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  • you just have to keep to your mind if you truly love him go ahead with it

  • happens all the time. personality goes a long way. now what are your motives?


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  • Why not.But is this a crush on a stranger kind? And do you really know what kind of a guy he is.What if he turn out to be a jerk.You will be wasting your love for him then.But if you know him.and he is someone who you think is someone worth loving for then go all out don't hold anything back but don't come on too strong and learn everything about him about what he like and what he the things he like(but don't lose yourself there) and avoid on the areas he disdain.ignore the people who tells you to give up


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