Why do muslim girls always wash themeselves in public bathrooms?

So I go to a very diverse college campus,but I have noticed one thing that is rather bizzare to me: I see muslim girls washing themeselves in the bathroom all the time! lol

We have a huge refugee population at our school from Africa such as Sudan or Somalia.

I am assuming the girls are Muslim because they wear the veils and cover their whole body.

I don't know if it is a cultural thing, but they will straight up wash their faces, place there feet on the counters and sinks and start washing them lol with napkins that they wet with water and soap.

At first I thought it was because they were hot in the veils but I heard veils are actually made out of very light fabric and I've seen them do it on days that are cold..

Sooo what's up with this? lol

Can any Muslim people explain?

Not hatin' just trying to understand!

Please NO racist comments!

They will be REPORTED!


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  • okay here you go

    am a Muslim girl and ill explain

    in our religion we have 5 main prayers a day and because when we pray we stand in front of god so we should be in the most perfect image regarding our image our cleanness and every thing

    so before praying we should wash and its called (wadouaa)

    and wadouaa is 9 step

    we start by washing our hands 3 time

    then mouth 3 times

    then nose 3 times

    then face 3 times

    then our hands till the elbow 3 times

    then we just like eras on our hair once

    then clean our ears

    and last we wash our legs

    and that's it :D

    so we are ready to pray

    and by the way this is for girls and guys we all do the same process before praying

    • Thank you very much ;D

    • you more than welcome and if you wanna askk about any thing els regarding this issue will be more than welcome ;)

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  • as stated below, they have to wash before prayer and have a strict method of doing so. At my university, some of the toilets have special "wash" booths, where they are able to wash more easy.


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  • im not muslim but I think this question is kinda rude I mean why don't you ask them or someone who is muslim?! seems like the obvios thing to do I don't know much about islam but its like a religious thing anyonne could have guessed that not hatin or being racist orany thing

    • Why would I have known that?

      And I am asking for Muslim people to explain. Did you not read the question?! I was not asking for your opinion.

  • Yes its a religious thing. I'm not muslim but I know their religion requires them to wash before prayers which are often upwards of 5 times a day.

    • no only 5. not upwards.

      lol only, actually 5 is quite a bit too.

    • theAlineCee,

      Kereru was right, It IS 5 and either 1 or 2 upwards. For exapmle on Eid, You pray + the regular 5=6, and if you enter the mosque 6 again but 7 on Eid ( Fpr the mosque on you pray to say "HELLO" xP)

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