Chi straighteners

i just got one today and I anyone has one I gave some questions

do you like it?

does it make your hair too flat and stick straight?

and if oyu have curly hair does it prevent your hair from curling up during the day?


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  • Chi is the only straightener I will use and have used. It does make my hair straight, and it can make it flat, but you can combat that easily. For instance, use a product like Soma Volume Booster and Paul Mitchell Root Lifter, and that will definitely give your hair some boost, even after straightening. Another trick is to start at the root of your hair with the straightener and pull upward just a bit, which will build body. You can take your Chi to your stylist and they can show you all these little tricks, too.

    I have wavy hair, and the Chi can't stop the attack of humidity, unfortunately. That's what really good hairspray is for. But if I straighten it and it's a normal day, it doesn't curl up.

    Just make sure to keep your hair healthy and cut it often, as Chi styling can cause some end damage. But now they have the Nano which does SO much less damage to you hair it is unreal, although the price tag is huge!

    • What about tressemme root lifter? is that any good

    • I'm not sure, as I've never used the product. When I do use products that you can buy in any store, I tend to stick to Garnier Nutrisse. It's the best I've found for my hair outside of professional products.

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  • I bought a chi flat iron off of ebay for $70 which was risky but worth it

    I've had it for a year now

    It's the one with the red velvet and 1'' plates

    My hair is medium thickness and is curly naturally

    I absolutely love it

    my ends are not broken at all

    and it makes my hair stay straight through all weather conditions

    if you straighten it too many times in one day it can make your hair look flat

    but if you blow dry your roots the opposite way you will get just the right amount of volume

    you will LOVE your chi and never use another iron again.

  • Well, I would say . I was a chi user for about 5 years. It did a good job straightening it, but It pulled out my hair and fried it. :( It doesn't lock out the humidity either. I would suggest maybe going with a GHD or another brand.