Applying for part time jobs tomorrow...ideas anyone?

keep in mind I have no experience..and 18

thank you <3
i got a job like a month ago lol forgot to update this thing


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  • You're very cute. I think you could make a fortune in p*rn. You don't need much experience for that and you're better looking than many of the girls who are currently making their fortune in the biz.

    • That's a point though. Jenna Jameson must be worth close to a billion or something by now. And I'm sure she was once a teen starting out. :)

    • I can't tell if your being serious or not lol

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  • It's tough. A lot of people have been working places since high school and they're the ones that employers will keep around. And if you're going to college and won't be around during the year they really won't want to pick you up. You'll just be another college kid taking hours away from the people working there for years.

    I mean, you can't go back in time so just... Look for hiring signs. Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, Burger King, they're usually always looking for people. Other than that maybe your local YMCA? You're got no skills and no job before this that's tough. I wish you luck. Try restaurants and department or clothing stores, try to see if people are hiring at your local mall. Who knows, they might be.

    But that's all I got. I started working when I was 14 so I really have no advice for a late start.

    • well I wouldn't say I have no

      I volunteer a I am good with the old folks

    • I know the old folks homes around ALWAYS looking for paid help. With food delivery and what not. Definitely go check that out.

    • you've* Looks like you've got no skills.

  • Your favorite stores at the mall, definitely! You get clothes discounts :D. The movie theater is also very fun.


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