2 of the guys that have liked me have looked me the same way (guys help)

there have been two specific guys in my life that have looked at me the way no other guy has.

They have looked at me with the most intense look, most serious face, they will follow me with their eyes as I walk away or towards the.

Also, when we talk they just get their eyes lost in mine and I forget what I was saying so I just smile.. what does it mean when they look at you that way?


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  • These kind of looks mean either one of two things

    1) They're genuinely interested

    2) They want to get into your pants

    My guess is that it's number 1 though because guys that just want to get in a girls pants usually check them out in their entirety, not just their eyes.

    • aww well it would really suck if it was the second one...

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