What attracts a guy to a girl, and do they really like the chase?

What would make you notice a girl, and what do you look for? Is a challenge an attractive thought, and if so, why?


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  • The chase is nothing but stress.


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  • Most guys on this site will say that they hate the chase. But most guys I've asked in real life say that they like it. I'm generalizing, but usually the guys I've asked who say they like the chase, are the guys who have been successful with women. It makes sense why guys who haven't been very successful with women wouldn't like the chase very much.

    • I agree, and that's why a lot of guys are on here, including me.

      Girls tend to like me when they get to know me but I get too nervous around new faces to make a good impression so I never get any girls. I've got plenty of girl friends but no girlfriend

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