Looks like I'm invisible to him, but I really like him!

He barely notices me. He's really popular and loved by everyone.

What should I do to make him notice me more?


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  • I don't know I'd need to know what you looked like, what you were involved in, what he likes and is involved in, how you dress...are you still in HS or college?

    basically I'm gonna need more info here lol

    • I'm about 5'7 feet and 130 pounds. brunette, dark brown hair with dark brown/black eyes. I think I'm fairly good looking. I'm not usually the type that "gets dressed to impress", I have a more casual style.

      this is my first year in college and the guy I am talking about is in his 3rd year in the same college. He knows everyone! He knows me too, but we never really talk or anything!

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    • The only thing that highly interests him seems to be Politics... lol And

      I can't really define what's his "preferred type" of girls because each time I see him talking to different one, I guess these girls are the one's that approach him and start talking to him. But I don't wanna be like them, I want him to notice me and approach not the other way around.

      I sincerely appreciate your help anyway!

    • ok so politics...conservative or liberal?

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  • The key to getting someone to notice you is to be different from everybody else.


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  • You could get him to notice you by going up & talking to him. Be friendly & engaging.


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