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Which combination would be best? My tops consist of plaid button shirts, military jackets, cardigans, and graphic tees. I'm not into skinny jeans. Thanks!


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  • Slim/straight with Vans is my personal preference. But based on what you said your style seems pretty good, so really, whatever you like more and are more comfortable in.


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  • If you're not into skinny jeans, then what are you into? Do you like what you wear? Are you comfortable in your shirts and tees? Because that's what's important. Personally, I'd rather be comfy and uncool, than squeezing into tight clothes, just because someone else said they liked it. I don't have a preference when it comes to clothes on a guy, whether they are wearing a suit, or a jumper and jeans doesn't matter, as long as they look good in it! I hope I helped! :)

    • I personally don't like skinny jeans because wearing them makes me look a bit awkward due to my wide shoulders and chest. I'm not too up to date in the fashion department so I wanted to put together a trendy look and ditch my old pants/shoes.

      Thanks for your opinion, but which combination of pants/shoes in the question would you most prefer in that selection?

    • Relaxed/straight jeans, and I much prefer converse, or just normal trainers to Vans or DC's. I think they make guys feet look too big! haha.

    • Thanks for the input :)

  • Relaxed/straight with chucks with a graphic tee with a plaid button up or cardigan over top. I'm not big on guys in cardigans, but you might be able to pull it off. I like military jackets too...


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