Was he attracted or what?

I was at a meeting at my school, and there was this guy standing next to two people at podium talking. We watched a video for a couple of minutes, and I noticed this cute guy standing at the podium. I looked at him once and then never again. I watched the video, and looked at the girls that we presenting beside him. When I was watching the video I looked at him glance at me a couple of times, and when a girl was talking he kept glancing at me. first I thought it was his friend in the back but where he looked he wouldn't be looking at him. then when I was looking at the video or somewhere else I forget. He full on had his hand on his chin and elbow on the edge of the podium looking right at me. and then I noticed and he quickly stopped.


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  • When a guy is attracted to a girl, he'll look at her often. If he's especially interested, he'll let her see him looking at her. But to put his elbow down like that and stare at you like that, he's either VERY interested in you or he was mocking the fact that you were staring at him very openly. Did his body language indicate that he was being mean?


    • I don't think I was checking him out, I was looking at the girls talking beside him during the presentation. He didn't seem mean or anything, but kept looking at me and sometimes held my gaze. it was weird because I kept on turning around every time because I thought he was looking at his friend but his friend was on the other side. But he quickly stopped starring after I caught him starring me down.

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