Why is it that females never are attracted to me?

Yes I get all the girls but honestly it's always just a friend.
this is how I really look,but I'm Sirius , why?

see people star talking crap on this site then try talk, that American propaganda.
well to bad I lied about is lol hahahahahaahah

once again people fall for my question

fact: I only tell me what they want here and dont.


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  • Ah, the truth comes out. Didn't you say in one of your other posts that you have 1000s of girls after you?

    • yes in my dream. really yes but they are all friend,I was thinking in Romanticism were ever-things picture perfect lool

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    • And like my carries really moving long as a writer lool although as A poet I've a achieved the highest success realistically , I mean it so hard to get poetry published yet I've managed to places many poems within lit journals and popular ezine yet I'm still not rock star famouse but what poet is lol

    • in fact the highest achievable goal for a poet is to become a literary snub while living of small publications in a section 8 housing lol brag about the $5 you made of publishing in a well respected journallol

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  • look at you question,now,think about it in our perspective,you're anonymous,you have no description and you expect us to what,act like shrinks based on that?


    • big letter ,wow! is this were I should be afraid the British women ?

      your all bark over their ,little action.

  • your looking for the wrong girl

  • yeah, I'm not into you either tbh. you're just not my type

    • I don't care about you your probable lame anyway

    • why do bitch think their gods?

    • first your not a witty as you thin you are so I know what your gonna relpy

      men have the right to promote them-selfs and nobody want a guy who talk to soft

      you watch to many holly-wood and they brainwashing you to think that you have depend on a guy with a nice car and western facile features.in the rest of the world it not about the middle class vs white trash because their nothing worst then a divide country the the USA

  • It's because somehow you think you are superior to others and honestly you're not.Im not even trying to be rude either.But "serious" is not the same "Sirius" that's in Harry Potter...just sayin. -_-

    • yes becose most people are asshole and if they are rude I'll be rude to them

      ooooh! you most be a english teacher ooohhhh!

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    • Okay this conversation is just becoming ignorant...moreso from your side.Im done responding.Girls don't like ignorance and you seem to be full of it...amongst other things.Your aumption of me is completely incorrect,but from our small conversation,im not even surprised.I didn't want to say it,but,YOURE NOT THAT ATTRACTIVE. YOURE AVERAGE AT MOST. AND your personality is an absolute joke in the worst way. With a lot of work,you may be able to improve yourself.Bye.

    • most women are ignorance ,more then men but once again your the judeing

  • alright, I've creeped on your profile &

    honestly, I'm not really attracted to your personality whatsoever.

    you seem really cocky, & personality is a huge deal.

    no offense, but I'm not physically attracted to you either.

    so, that mixed isn't really a good combination,

    usually personality makes up, but in this case..

    that could be your problem.

    • well I'm not that lucky I most broke a few mirrors .

      Maybe I'm not your "all american douchebag " but I'm the sh*t no matter if they don't think so.I was nices in till Want throw hell called hight school,fool!after year of being made fun of I finaly lost my Sensitivity to people to follow american pop culture. I'm sorry I'm from east so I have a big nose from noise turkey .lol

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    • link

      but Wayne 10 years of crack!

    • well my frend Chino XL say something like waynes a unsophisticated crack monkey lol

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