Girl keeps looking at me. Broke it off with me. We talk but not as much.

Keep it mostly business.we work together. She looks at me from a distance when I catch her eyes she turns away. Not quickly just plays it off like she was not.. The question is : Do you think she like me? More detail will be given if asked. Thanks.


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  • Spill the details!

    Did you at one point ask her out or where you two a couple? And if so, she is attracted to you, but is kinda embarssed in a way. its kinda funny that you are catching her staring at you. you should tease her and ask her if there is something unusual about you whichis causing her to constantly glance at you.

    Its cute!

    • We were work friends and we used to hang out a lot. I was seeing someone at the time. I think she got frustrated with me because I did not move on her.

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