Anyone know how to completely remove body odor?

deodorant & cologne acts only as far as suppressing, so I wish to know how you all get rid of it.. Thank you.


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  • Shave or trim if you dont. Hair holds odor.. I was forced to shave in the seventh grade because I had a really bad sweating problem and horrible embarrassing odor.

    - I started using " Certain dry antiperspirant " it is an overnight deodorant used daily that shrinks the pores in your armpits. It takes about 7 days of use and you will be odor free under your arms!

    - As for personal odor. I began shaving or trimming there. Carrying baby wipes works too. Wipe the area and then use toilet tissue to dry it.

    - DRINK A BOAT LOAD OF WATER TOO. This gives that area a very delicate smell.

    - I washed my feet real well and patted them with talcum powder or baby powder.

    - I would also recommended showering for at least 15 minutes 3 times a week. This insures all the icky smell is off.

    - Cologne is to be used LIGHTLY you don't want it to mix with bad odor. Two sprays for the shirt and one for the wrist is good enough.

    - I don't know good male brands of deodorant

    - Also When you first start to sweat don't cross your legs tightly or press them together. Be sure not to press your arms against your body tightly either. I know it's a natural response from fear you stink but in doing so you will sweat worse.. Cool off by hanging your arms loosly and spread your legs so the sweat dries up.

    - See a doc and make sure it isn't hyperhydrosis ( sweating and odor condition)

    - It could also be your clothes be sure to wash them weekly and rinse them twice.

    Good luck!


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  • Deodorant and cologne usually only mask smell, instead of eliminating it. Try taking regular showers, as well as investing in an anti-perspirant, which will actually stop you from sweating instead of just trying to diguise it like deodorant.

    Hope this helps! :)

    • but I'm active in sports... sweating is like inhaling.. well too exaggerated I guess. =p (this is to help other readers too.)

    • You can buy super-strength anti-perspirant at some pharmacies/athletic stores. :) Either way though, chances are that you will sweat when you play sports (though anti-perspirant should lessen it), which is totally fine! Just be sure to shower right afterward. :)

    • thats nice but I don't you can ver get ride of sweat unless at the bginign you nver sweat beofre p.s nice comment

  • Get a good deodorant (ask advice in a pharmacy) and use it 2 times a day (also in the evening before going to sleep). The active ingredrient what helps best (alu), works best if used consistently, twice a day.

    People who suffer from excessive sweating can be treated with botox. Not sure if they're any side effects, but it's something you could always discuss with a dermatologist.

    • Ow last tip. Not sure how guys feel about this, but shaving your armpits (and preferably waxing), would help a lot with persistent odours.

    • Botox yeah I heard of idea...too bad this part of the world is underdeveloped and finance ain't that good...good idea though...

  • Anyone know how to completely remove body odour?

    U asked well my mom says when I was little that her mother told her to use lemon and if doesn't work than try using a soap that really smells good and first of all use deodorant then that's all, I got hoped I helped sorry if I didn't

  • for myself, I shower in the morning and at night, I put on deodorant, light perfum, and make sure my clothes are clean. I do use powder sometimes.

  • PLAIN yogurt. it eliminates bad breath and genital odor as well. plain yogurt has live bacteria (good ofcourse) that kills the bad. bad bacteria causes odor

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  • Botox all over your body would remove all odour created by sweat!

    Botox paralyzes the muscles and the pores so they wouldn't sweat. It was in the news that some polititions, actors have botox under thier arms before appearing at events to stop them sweating (smelling, having wet patches under thier arms)

    Other than this the only way would be to carry ethanol around with you to actually sterilise yourself. Rub yourself every 15 min or so, this is how it would have to be :)

  • ok , so you can either take a shower everyday , or :

    take some alcohol (medical alcohol , ethyl) and tissue paper , put some alcohol on the tissue paper and rub on your armpit it will get rid of any smell coming from there, put some deodorant and you're done for the next 24 hours.

  • Well I have no idea, and my sweat smells kinda nice, if it's fresh ofc, when it dries after a while it stinks, but I never get bad odour unless I don't shower or don't change clothes either of which I don't do.

  • im not a doctor or anything but I hear a guy once invented something called showring not that long a go...u should look into that dude...and if it didn't work...i think you should jump off a building ;P

    • you'll be my mentor at free jump mate.. no, I meant you should :)

  • Get all your pores removed.

    That's the only way, and It'll kill you.

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