So would I go about dying my hair?

- my hair is naturally dark dark brown pretty close to black but isnt

-i bleached streaks into it 4 times in the past 2years

- I had never dyed all my hair ever till 2months was virgin hair before I dyed it to the current color which is a light brown

-i thought dying it would hide my bleached did for a bit and eventually went back to the blonde

- and now I thought I want to grow it out but it'll look crappy if I you can see my dark brown roots and the light brown along with the blond growing out so I decided to dye it the color closest to my natural hair color..i can already see my roots

- and OK what I want to know is it possible to dye it a certain way to keep my streaks colored to the color I want it to dye?and not go to the blond color? and how would I go about it?


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  • Here's the catch about the blond. In order to go lighter you need to bleach things. Most people just think this is a term used to lighten the hair. It's not. They're literally bleaching your hair. Meaning that all the color you have here are at least half bleach. Now, you remember the first time you got bleach on your clothes right? How it turned white, or a paler color, and it wouldn't wash out? Well it's the same. Because you hair isn't dyed, all the color has been sucked out. This also, sadly, means that it's harder for those sections to hold the color because they're so strained.

    All my experiences with bleach and returning to more normal looking colors (which is about five or six years now, both professional salons and on my own) I've found that it's... A trying and all together unpleasant experience.

    The best you're going to get is something that lasts... Four... Three months? That's the best I've gotten. Or it's just faded so slowly that, by the time it was my original color again, I didn't notice. It's brown so it'll stay pretty strongly for a while, it's a basic color, just get permanent dye from Walmart or something, it all works the same as in the salon if you get some half way decent sh*t. And it's cheaper.

    As for the blond streaks? They'll grow out eventually, you've just got to wait for that to happen because they'll never hold any color for long amounts of time. Same with the rest of your hair, which has also been bleached in a way. That's the only way to make hair lighter, it's probably just a weaker mix.

    So, just buy a box or two of some nice dark brown from your local CVS and mix one batch up and apply it now, then, in a few months, mix up the other one and use it. Just repeat the process until your hair has grown long enough that the streaks are at the ends and you can just cut your hair short enough that they're cut off.

    That's all you really can do. The blond won't go away because that's not a dye, as I explained before. So just every few months buy another pack of hair dye (or buy them now so that way you don't forget what number/color it is) and when you're hair is long enough, just cut off the blond. It's sucks to be in that position, I've been in it several times and, for some reason, never learn. Mostly because I love purple and blue and red hair... And with dark brown hair you need to bleach to put those colors in. But that's another story.

    I hope this helped and I'm sorry there's not much more you can do.


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  • You have to use permanent dye, like the stuff you get at drug stores. But it may still fade...

  • ok so you want the blond highlights in it right

    • i want them covered..i don't want them to show

    • ooooooooooh they have products to take red brown or blond out of your hair...just mix it with dye or tell your hairstylist and shell do it

    • its bleach though it's different

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