What are the top five things a guy needs to have to be noticed by a girl in a good way?

what does he need to have or do to get you to notice him and like him.
I am 5 foot 8.
Coolwater some girls on here like it at least
Ok I can try at least.
What can I do if I getscared
Disregard this update it was for a certain user.


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  • 1. Pretty eyes

    2. Nice smile

    3. Nice Smell (not necessarily cologne just like a fresh smell)

    4. Nice hair

    5.Great voice

    • what about personality.

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    • haha well you never stated what you had..bottom line if you have a penis girls will notice you ha ha and that's as true as it gets

    • But I guess the thing is is that I don't know if I can get girls attention

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  • These are HUGE things for me when I notice a guy.

    1. Is he a gentleman. Does he hold open doors for others, says thank you for things. Shows a lot about his character.

    2. Does he seem really friendly (like does he seem inviting to talk to) mainly body language plays a big role. If you're laughing or smiling and just seem happy I'm more likely to want to be around you.

    3. The way you dress (overall appearance). The way you dress shows how much you take care of yourself. You don't have to dress like a model haha, but wearing a bright red striped shirt with checker pants gives me the wrong vibe. If your hair is really messy or dirty, makes me think you MAY be a messy person could also show being lazy. This isn't the case for all, but a guy with clean clothes and hair says a lot.

    4. Your sense of humor, I'm more drawn to a guy if they have a sense of humor and can joke around easily. I like sarcasm, and I would want to be able to laugh about anything with a guy.

    5. Confidence is key. I can understand with shy guys. It just takes more time to get them comfortable around you. I've like this guy for 3 years and he's pretty shy in the relationships department. Girls will like him for 2 months and move on because he isn't throwing himself all over them. Shy guys more often than not require patience ha ha and I've got plenty :)

    • I guess I have that for the most part I am one of those shy type though.

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    • I agre with the shy thing you guys were talking about. I think it's really cute when the guy is shy

    • I wish girls noticed me

  • Attractiveness. Not gonna lie, that will make me notice someone.

    Interesting. I don't want some lame, generic dude, a guy needs to have a unique personality. And I don't mean any faux-intellectual sh*t either, but an actual genuine personality. It's surprisingly hard to come by, in the general population.

    Similar interests. If a guy has a similar taste in music, books, movies, whatever, it's such a huge plus, you don't even know. If a guy has an awesome record collection, I'm likely to propose marriage. Just kidding, of course, but if a guy likes all of the sh*t I do (especially the random, weird, sort of trivial stuff) I sometimes like them based on almost that alone. Also, their willingness to talk about this a lot.

    Creativity. Making music/playing an instrument, art, writing, photography. All of these things are a huuuge plus. Especially if they're good at it.

    Being a chill person. They don't take themselves too seriously and have a good sense of humor. That, at the core of it, is what matters most.

    Adding on to that "sense of humor" point - they have to share my sense of humor. Hella sarcasm, dark humor, pop culture and "internet" references. Man, I should have made that one of my things, getting my references. I hate when people don't get my references.

    Generally, we just need to be on the same wavelength.

    • creativity is that important?

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    • i was just wondering because I am not that creative.

    • I notice creative people. I don't like them for simply being a creative person per say. Think towards the cliche "love the sinner hate the sin." His creativity is apart of him, but his product (music, painting, etc) is what is marketing him as creative. His product is not attached to the rest of his bad traits, so although he is creative and made me notice through his piece, I won't actually like his whole person. Yet, if he is creative and a nice guy - it's a plus.

  • 1.) Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. That is TOP for me because I'm a Christian and I need someone who I can pray and come closer to the Lord with. Someone who can help me and join me in my journey to become closer to the Lord.

    2.) Confidence- I don't care what you look like or where you've been, but if you put on a smile and have good confidence, it'll make me weak in the knees! Lol

    3.) Good hygiene- I know this is a given, but honestly, there is no bigger turn off than a guy who stinks! (unless he JUST came back from a sport or the gym. Then I can understand!)

    4.) Passion- My mom always tells me that I go for the guys who have a huge goal in life or a passion. I myself am passionate and when I meet a guy who has a love in life or is working toward a major goal, it just gets me! Lol the guy I'm interested in right now plays college baseball and he loves it. He glows when he plays or talks about it and it gives me chills! (:

    5.) A good sense of humor- no relationship will last (especially with me!) if the couple doesn't have a good sense of humor, this one is pretty important! (:

    But yeah, my list may seem long, but honestly I don't think it's too much to ask! I've met plenty of guys who meet this criteria so yeah! (: I hoped this answered your question well!

    • Number 1 was pretty repetitive! I should have reread it... oh well! (:

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    • I am just very shy

    • Hmmm... try talking to girls just randomly! Like, go up to a girl you don't know and ask her about her day or tell her that she looks nice! Even if you aren't really interested in her, it helps to build confidence. When you are about to leave the house everyday, look in the mirror and ask yourself this: "What can I do to be more confident" or just tell yourself that you look hot! Confident guys are confident because they KNOW they are awesome. There's nothing wrong with thinking you are awesome!

  • 1. Actually approach her. You don't have to be some smooth talker, but I can't know you exist and are interested if you're eying me from halfway across the room. Say hey, what's up? Introduce yourself, compliment my t-shirt, ask if I listen to the Strokes because I remind you of a song they play. SOMETHING. don't worry about stammering or looking like an ass - most girls find it completely endearing.

    2. BE CONSISTENT! there's nothing like a hearty dosage of MIXED SIGNALS. this happens when guys take the dumbass advice of society and get all flaky to not look desperate. You can be consistent without looking clingy. I don't need a text every day, maybe every two days. SAY HELLO in the text, don't ask me a stupid question to get the conversation started. Just say hey so I can know you were just thinking of me rather than using me for useless trivia.

    3. Don't doubt your worth! I've seen a lot of shy guys start thinking 'OMG, she's so perfect! I don't DESERVE HER!' major pet peeve because then you're hot and cold beating yourself up and confusing women. know what you want in the girl, know that you're awesome, and know that she's awesome. you deserve each other as long as you're both giving the same amount of effort.

    4. ASK HER OUT. it doesn't have to be some romantic getaway. just go 'hey, wanna grab a coffee?' make it spare of the moment if you're too nervous to plan anything. throw her a bone like 'i really wanted to see that harry potter movie, but nobody wants to go with me" she may just volunteer herself.

    5. DON'T try and make her jealous by flirting with other women. only adds to the confusion.

    basically, don't be confusing!

    • not really. nearly all the women I know love this because it's a good sign that he likes you lol I'm sorry you haven't had this positive reaction.

  • what I notice and like about guys:

    -friendly personality (say hi and bye don't ignore a girl)

    -funny (but not too many jokes about sex, a few are OK though)

    -confidence (you don't have to be super bold just not shy)


    -eye contact (it shows that your interested in her)

    Ur looks really don't matter to me, they're a plus, but no one is gonna find that guy or girl that looks like they model for abercrombie and fitch

    • what if a guy is shy though

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    • you'll be fine. Just try and build a little confidence and that may help speed things up, but even if you don't u'll find a girl one of these days :)

    • i wish that were true but I have been stuck at this point for a long time.

  • 1. He needs to be funny

    2. He's got to be nice/approachable

    3. If he was tall it's a plus (taller than 5'6)

    4. Seems intellectual or at least not shallow

    5. Not be boring of course!

    Being handsome isn't really a must for me... a sixth thing for me personally would be if he could sing :D Good question! What would the top 5 things for a girl to get noticed be?

    • In no order

      1.she needs to be a nice person

      2. She has to be intelligent

      3. Non-smoker

      4. Funny and likes to laugh and smile

      5. A shy girl but one that will talk once she knows you shy girls are cute.

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    • I know how you feel. I have the same problem.:/ I'm sorry, and I hope things work out for you! :D

  • 1. Major, non-negotiable thing: he needs to look/ be clean! This, my friend, is not something a man can work around, not even Brad Pitt.

    2. He needs to be confident! Never cocky, but self-assurance is key.

    3. He needs to be well-dressed. I'm not saying Prada loafers and an Armani suit (although it would be nice), but a decent button-down dress shirt in white with a pair of dark-wash jeans and black or brown loafers is universally flattering (and super stylish without looking metro).

    4. He needs a great smile, and by great, I mean welcoming. This does not mean that you have to have a Crest-White-Strips-smile, but you do need to have a good "how you doin'?" smile down pat. Ideally, a guy's smile will ooze confidence, which is totally essential to a great smile, but without seeming creepy.

    5. Last, but not least, the ideal guy must seem approachable and friendly, so that if (and when) he approaches a girl, she'll be at ease around him.

    Good luck,



  • 1.Confidence,



    4.confidence and


    The number one thing that instantly turns me off about a guy is their lack of confidence. It doesn't matter (within reason) how much they do not look like my ideal type, if they walk around with an aura of confidence (but not cockiness), they will instantly get my attention.

    This is the number one thing I particularly look for. I can't speak for all women.

    • that is not good for me.

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    • Nicely said!

    • You probably exude more confidence than you think: people always tell me that I look confident when really at most times I think I'm a bumbling idiot (and trust me, they weren't saying it just to be nice).

      Also I've seen the same in others who I thought were really confident, but would admit to me that they didn't feel like they were.

  • For first impressions what makes me take notice is;

    1. Lovely eyes (blue or green)

    2. Height (being tall I just don't notice guys shorter than about 5ft 11)

    3. A casual/sporty style (just my preference in a guy)

    4. Build (could be slim, could be well built, but skinny or muscle-man)

    5. Smile (if it reaches his eyes, it's all good)

    Also their general attitude; if they come across arrogant that's a turn off, quietly confident is perfect! Shy is quite sweet!

    • you have really high standards

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    • Thank you Undoubtable. Tbh, I didn't think my list was that bad, certainly not as long as some others so not sure why they were picking on ME!? I just want a guy to be attractive to me, I'm not saying I'm looking for perfection or anything! This is the most insulting I've found anyone to be on GAG!

    • Average or worse looking men tend to, at times, blame women for not seeing past their appearance and judging them by their personality. The problem there is that just as many people have average(or worse) personalities, as there are people with average looks. Meaning there's no point in looking past average looks if the inside of the person is just as average - or, as it were, worse than average. It's one of our time's grand hoaxes, that everyone is beautiful inside. Load of misleading bollocks.

  • 1. He must carry himself well. It does not matter if a man is super skinny or a bit on the heavy side, he should always take care of himself. Don't slouch or dress trashy. Sorry boys, but the pants down to the knees just ain't cutting it! You may draw my attention, but I promise it isn't in a good way!

    2. He must have good hygiene. So, I realize that a hard-working man may have smelly feet when he takes off his shoes. However, that is no excuse for the smelly pits. Put some deodorent on those things NOW! PS-Cologne (smelling good) is pretty attractive. :)

    3. You must be somewhat intelligent. You don't have to have graduated at the top of your class to draw my attention, but please use proper grammar. It's a turn-on when a guy seems intelligent to an extent depending on the woman's personal preference.

    4. You must be respectful. Don't talk about my friends and/or family. They were in my life before you were. Don't pressure me to have sex if I say no the first time. I didn't want to five minutes ago, so why would I change my mind? Manners are also a must. It's very sweet if you get the door for me. It's a big turn-on. And don't stop doing it after we have been together forever!

    5. You need to have a good personality overall. This is pretty much self explanatory. There is a time to be silly and a time to be serious. Care about me, love me and whatever you do, make sure you SHOW me rather than just tell me. Respect me, once again. Just prove to me why I should give you a chance and don't cheat on me for God's sake. Just treat me right and love me is all I'm asking for.


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  • The top five things a guy needs to have to be noticed by a girl in a good way are:

    1) A big boner

    2) A fat wallet

    3) A flashy and expensive car.

    4) Have a great smile

    5) You have to be.. link

    • hahahaha. #5 was amazing.

    • That wasn't the question... ?

    • This reply here is REAL...ill kill any1 that says otherwise...ive got all these things and when I was younger I decided to combine all 5...

      The results were monsterous

  • 1. Height

    2. Height

    3. Height

    4. Height

    5. Height

    Apparently, improving myself, acting confident, dressing nicely, mastering etiquette, getting a $30K job in High School, and learning how to protect them didn't get me any girls because I'm short.

    • Your forgot car

    • But every girl wants different height guys, being 5, 7 I want a fairly tall guy - there are girls much shorter than me who will be looking for much shorter guys. Height shouldn't be holding you back.

    • i know 6 girls UNDER 5ft. and all 6 of them date guys 6'3 and up. I don't know what that is about, maybe they think they can protect them but I know plenty of tall guys who are pu$$ies and I have seen several short guys I train with destroy tall guys in fights in and out of the gym. but I guess girls don't understand that. its all about the man, not the height. they see a tall guy and just assume "bad ass with a huge c0ck" Ha.

  • You need to work through the shyness.

    Step 1: Say 'Hi' to five women a day you don't know. Just 'hi'. If they chat back, chat with them, but it doesn't matter, you are just getting used to saying 'hi'.

    Step 2: Once step 1 is reasonably easy, try to strike up a conversation with 5 women a day. Many will blow you off. It doesn't matter. You are just practicing building confidence in this situation, being relaxed, yourself.

    Step 3: talk to girls all over the place, be yourself, be present, don't worry about outcome.

    Step 4: start flirting with girls. See what gets a good response, what doesn't. Again, don't worry about outcome, you are simply learning about interaction.

    Step 5: approach at least 5 girls a week, make a genuine effort to chat with them and flirt and _see if you are actually interested in them_. If you are, ask them out, or for phone number, etc.

    Having confidence, approaching girls, talking to them, being relaxed, remembering not to impress them but rather see if they impress you - these are skills to be practiced.

  • Money, expensive car, money, 12 inch d***, money LOL HAHAHA No offense, but true with a few people, not the majority of girls by any means, Thank God! Good question, I'd love to know myself...

  • 1. Have a nice hook shot, smooth with a touch of flare

    2. He needs to know the difference between a radiator and the motor.

    3. Own a gun.

    4. Must be unemotional (everybody likes to talk to stone walls)

    5. Must have an awesome beard.

    (Well these are the things I would look for in a guy if I was a girl)

  • try to get to the gym and show the hoppies which you are top at to give yourself the confident and to overcome being shy just be confident of your self and try to be attractive try to keep and maintain your eyes on her eyes . try to learn from the successful boys in relationships what they do with girls and compare your self with them I hope I helped and I am sorry for the bad grammer

  • 1. Confidence

    2. Look good, be physically-good-looking

    3. Have a Life, or be Independent

    4.Have good social skills, conversation skills,

    5. right attitude, right mentality, right way or thinking

  • 1. A vagina

    2. Boobs

    3. Heels

    4. Dress

    5. Long hair

  • Good thing this list is limited to the top 5. lol

    A guys list is generally much shorter: 1) Hot

    Just kidding here btw.

  • 1. Love

    2. Love

    3. Love

    4. Love

    5. Love

    All else will follow. The biggest question is to realize what is love?

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