Alot of makeup - what do guys think?

if a girls wearing a lot of makeup but it looks REALLY good.then what do guys think about that? and this grls not ugly but makeup really accentuates her features


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  • It depends on where we are. If I'm at school then the girl who looks like she's going on a first date everyday is going to red flag as high maintence.

    If I see a girl at a club or party who doesn't wear any make-up or dressed a little more then casual that I'm going to red flag her as she's either there with friends or not interested in meeting new people.

    So it really depends on where you are going, as each social situation is different.


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  • ehh, when its a lot it never looks good unless she's going to a costume party. I believe the age old saying about makeup, the point of makeup is to make it look like you're not wearing any

  • I might be more sexually attracted to her, but I probably wouldn't be as interested in her as someone who looked more natural.


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