What is attractive to a girl?

Do you girls think its cute if a guy rides a dirt bike and plays guitar and doesn't mind doing naughty stuff?

What things attract you to a guy?

I mean like I see all these gorgeous girls always with some asshole guy! He treats them like sh*t or really doesn't care about them and just wants their body obviously! I don't girls logic with stuff like that.


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  • No matter what girls tell u, a girl is always attracted by looks first. That determines if she give the personality a chance. Usually the hot douchebags ACTS sweet at first to lock the girl in so the girl thinks wow this guy is hot and sweet and I love this guy. so then they start treating them like crap but the girl remembers how he was before and thinks hey maybe he'll go back to that.

    Personally, what attracts me is looks of course but also how the guy treats people, what he likes, and the stuff he does. I like guys who have stuff in common with me but also a few contrasts as well. Also if the guy treats others like crap them I can tell he's just playing me.


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  • I think it's attractive when a guy doesn't act as if every girl is the same. i.e. all girls are attracted to the same things in a guy and all girls only date a**holes :)


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  • girls like guys with lots of options to choose from.


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