Do I have a chance with a guy like this?

So, I'm attracted to guys with piercings and tattoos, that wear dark clothes, but aren't too crazy. I'm shy, conservative (clothing wise), quiet and don't really have any tattoos or anything. and usually I see these kinds of guys with girls that have all the piercings and tattoos and stuff that are crazy. Would I have a chance with a guy like this the way I am? (like, differences in appearence and stuff), or should I just give up and find a different type of guy? Would that matter to him?


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  • i think that if you were to find the right kind of guy he would definately give you a chance.some bad boys are into good girls

  • It all depends on the guy, he should like you for you if he's going to date you. You might have a chance because a lot of those guys are sweet under the black and stuff :)

    one thing though, never change for someone else.