I'm a tall, thick, quiet girl. Guys tell me what you think about this?

I have this so called "crush" in one of my classes that seems to be always on my mind & I'm always trying to dress pretty for him & he's my exact height maybe an inch taller. I might just be some girl he just talks to in that class though, but it seems like he is always talking to me, and he can be a little mean, but in a jokingly way, I think. He always turns around to look at me, but there hasn't been any good signs hat he might like me, I mean we ONLY see each other in that class, and we aren't even friends on facebook. What are some things I can do to get this thing going a little faster without saying "here's my number, text me" lol. Just something simple, like what's some things I can ask? or say? without being too obvious that I really like him, and do you think I have a chance?


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  • "Hey, let's hang out sometime, what's your number?"

    Honestly, just go for it. Hang out and watch a movie with him or something. Go out to lunch. Get coffee. See each other somewhere other than that class.

    Can you tell me what the worst thing that could happen would be?

  • how tall are you? because I find tall, amazon girls sexy and attractive


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