Sexy, Beautiful, Pretty and Attractive - What you go for?

The classification of female appearance to men is very interesting, I want to know what is the meaning of sexy, beautiful, pretty or attractive and what this means for a guy and what category would they mostly likely date.

The reason why I want to know is because I have either been referred to as sexy or pretty and feel that guys don't take you seriously with the labels they attach to you - but that just my opinion.


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  • Sexy: a very intense form of attractive that is extremely eye catching, think a gas burner. (I strangely don't go for sexy because it has a very short span of time that it is active.) reaction:"Damn, she's sexy!"<shock reaction

    Hot: low form of sexy

    Beautiful: a combination of both physically attractive and demeanor. "(I have used Sexy for countless girls but only used beautiful only twice.)"WOW."<note the lack of exclamation, calm, stunned reaction.

    Pretty: a medium level attractiveness that takes a long time to reach it's peak and last for decades, think wood fire. Reaction: "look at her!"

    Attractive: the scale.( if a guy calls you attractive, you look nice looking but not his type.)

    • What you are saying makes sense, that why I hate the word sexy, I don't mind the word pretty but for me being called sexy makes me loose confidence. I hate it!

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  • In my opinion...

    sexy is an attitude that accompanies behavior. it can depicted in a look, a style, words, or a gesture. It is playful and sensenual.

    beautiful is a descripter of the physical or emotional trait that a girl has. a girl can have beautiful eyes or a beautiful mouth. she can also have a beautiful laugh. it attracts attention because of its beauty.

    pretty is a more simple admiration. it can be adorable and appealing on a simple level. the "girl next door" look is pretty. it is not sensual and may not garner lots of attention...but it is appealing.

    attractive is a descriptor that means one of three things; 1) you are pretty, beautiful or sexy but I don't know you well enough to say that, 2) you are pretty, beautiful or sexy but I don't want to sound like a freaking idiot by saying that, 3) you are...not really ugly.

    • No you don't sound like an idiot, I have been told that I have a beautiful smile and it's a comment - always get, although I personally don't think I have. I just don't like the word sexy, I don't even dress sexy - more of the classical look. But apparently it's my eyes and attitude that's sexy.

    • well, if you have a picture, I can give you my opinion about your sexiness.

    • I would put a picture but I can't unfortunately. I personally don't think I am sexy but that's what I've been told and I don't like it.

  • attractive...makes me curious, wondering all day long...killing me...

    • Why does it make you curious?

    • I'm curious figuring out, why she attracts me so much...hard to describe...I'm not good explaining this...

    • Cool :) I have been attracted to some guy in the past and was not sure what drew me to him all I knew that we were both attracted to each other, but we both didn't know why, which was strange. So I do understand where you are coming from.

  • All of the above :)

    • All of the above? My goodness (LoL), so you have no particular prefer? Most guys do. So what does all the above meant to you?

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    • Verdo being short doesn't make a guy unattractive so don't think that your options are limited. I have seem tall ladies with men shorter than that height. :/

    • Most women would prefer a taller guy if given a choice. Yes there are exceptions, but I wouldn't call it a norm.

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