Seeing the world through the eyes of a girl!

Hey everyone,

Name one song including the artist that describes the world through the eyes of a girl. If you wish, describe in one or two sentence the message the song delivers.

Hopefully this playlist will help guys to lay back and imagine the view from the other side, and when they go out and meet new people they can relate easier, and show that there is understanding between the world of men and women.

I will give the first song and you will get the idea. don't back out of this challenge.
Leave (Get out) by Jojo.

Song expresses a girls feelings, after she has found out that her boyfriend cheated on her.
Too little too late by Jojo.

I can just feel her pain when she is singing, but her strength to leave someone who deserves it shuld give girls the strength to carry on.


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  • very easy : if I were a boy by beyonce ;)

    i don't think that needs any exaplanation

    • Good pick, This playlist will become one the list of most important songs for guys to remember. who want to turn into men. .

  • Listen to eyes on fire by blue foundation... Tell me what you think.

    • Not a bad choice, listening to this song and readin its lyrics is like hearing the thoughts of this one girl I used to know. Thanks

    • To be taken as a compliment.

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