He stopped talking to me and I was so hurt. Is it OK to be heartbroken over this?

So me and this guy have been talking well texting each other for three months and we went to middle school together and and we saw each other four years ago and so we had no clue what each other looked like or sounded like. we both enjoyed talking to each other and I told him how I felt and he said he wanted to come and see me one day. so he said he wanted to go on a date with me and I couldn't believe it I was so happy we were texting all day and he said that he wanted to kiss me after the date. I texted him the next day telling him I passed my test he didn't text back until a few days later he said he lost his phone and said sorry and told me good job for passing my test and he was going to call me and then we got talking about how each others voice sounded like and later he asked me if we ever got far enough would I have sex with him and I said no I think that is a sacred bond between husband and wife and then he said well I don't want to waste my time so he basically said I was a waste of time and he called off the date then he said if you really want to go on a date lets go see a nice rated are film and he knew I don't watch rated are movies and he then said we don't have anything in common and he only compared politics to are interests and then I told him to call me Because I don't want to do this over a text and he said I don't have anything to say too you anymore. so he stopped talking to me and I was so hurt and I thought he was different Because we could actually hold a conversation together and I felt something and I am just so hurt I know I did the right thing but it hurts and I can't stop crying and hurting am I stupid for hurting so much or what should I do?


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  • Douche bags like that are a dime a dozen nowadays. All they want or their goal is sex. You need to find someone who respects you and your belief in waiting til marriage. There are guys out there (and even on this site) that like a girl and respect you for this.

    Perhaps try some dating sites that are specifically for christian singles or seeking marriage sites.

    Otherwise, DO tell the boys about this relatively in the beginning, so you an weed out the riff-raff before you get more emotionally invested.

    COURAGE! You will find that MAN for you!

    • thank you and I did tell him way way in the begining that I was waiting for marriage and he kept saying you will change your mind when we makeout. and I have tried christian dating sites but all the ones I tried you have to pay for so I deleted my account

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  • maybe you should stop telling the potentials that you're a no-sex girl. That's not gonna help unless you want a man who had his genitals cut off by a machine shop accident.


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