What gender cares about looks the most?

ok, I think there's 2 types of looks, Competitive and Comparative looks; Comparative looks would be how members of the opposite gender look compared to each other. Ex.: a 6'2, handsome guy with nice skin would look good by him-self, but standing next to a 5'1, regular looking guy, the 6'2 guy will look even better.

and Competitive looks would be how how you look compared to members of your own gender. Ex.: on a girls' night out, a girl will usually try to be the prettiest girl in the group, its a secret competition.

so my Q is, what gender do you think cares the most about which type of looks? why do you think so?

and which do you care about the most?

please give answer as well as a vote!
  • Guys care more about Comparative looks
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  • Guys care more about Competitive looks
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  • Girls care more about Competitive looks
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  • Girls care more about Comparative looks
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  • They care the same/see results
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Girls care more about their own looks for their own social status and to get attention from guys. Girls without looks are valueless in relationships. Guys care about about the looks of their girlfriend for their own satisfaction and to compete with other guys for social status. Guys without looks still have value in relationships.


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What Girls Said 2

  • girls .. even when we think we don't xD

  • Girls care more about their appearance because they compare themselves to other girls as well as trying to attract guys


What Guys Said 1

  • Definitely girls and competitive looks.

    • thanks for answering man, these people just vote, I want to hear their reasons tho...

    • Cause in our society they feel they need to compete with each other for men. It's why women tend to be the most bitchy/harmful toward each other and each others' self-esteem. They tend to be far more critical of their own gender's appearance than men. You think men care about models and their ridiculous skinny bodies? Hell no. We even like more meat than that. So ya... it's stupid :\

      Men have their own stupidities by the way. Just not in this area.

    • yup... no man will ever fully understand the psychology of women.

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