Social class and dating?

women do discriminate again blue collar workers who maybe makes half of what a white collar employ would .

what about just dirt poor person who trying to make out of a poor area?

are people of a lower class considered ugly?

do you need the nicer car over a new cheaper car?

expensive makeup and cloths or the Kmart crap?
  • Date white collar male making 45,000 a year
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  • Date blue collar worker 25,000 a year
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  • Poor and trying real hard to make it
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  • I'll be honest with you, it might not make you feel good but I'll be frank. I come from a high social background. I am used to having a maid, though I wouldn't mind not having one but I don't know how to do many many things, and I absolutely wouldn't clean the toilet myself. I am used to getting whatever I want whenever I want, it is really hard to kick the habit out. My parents wouldn't allow me to date someone from a much lower class either. When my aunt fell in love with someone from a lower class, they sent her to another country, though they did get married in the end. They don't live in a happy marriage though. He can't give her the lifestyle she lived before marrying him. He lives a pretty sad life bc, he feels like he can't be like us, all of my aunt's family are kinda rich and he can't make it Our family keeps aiding her financially because she isn't happy being poor and they don't like seeing their little sister suffering either, which makes it worse for him. His siblings can't really help him either so. She feels a bit jealous as well. Something kinda pathetic, my aunt's husband can't pay for rent so they had to ask us to lend them a house, which we did. Guess where his office is? In our other house, I mean wth? BTW, they don't need to pay for any of it, how pathetic he is, he can't even sustain their living. I'm sorry, but I totally cannot accept a man who cannot pay for rent. And asking for someone for a free house and not being able to pay rent (although we lowered it to almost nothing one time because my family thinks he needs to at least be able to pay that much, like wth... how dependent *it's for free now both houses we lent them*) How disgraceful and pathetic.

    Personally, I like organic food, and healthy food, which is kind of expensive, and although I don't mind buying cheap clothing, I absolutely need good makeup because I think cheap makeup is disgusting and might hurt my skin. My skin is allergic to things that are not close to pure gold or silver, it gets really itchy and red. I loveeeeeeeee horse back riding which is expensive. My parents would never approve of someone pooor, so I wouldn't agree to someone my parents don't approve of either.

    I think that if a man from a much more lower social class background were to marry me, he would have to endure a lot, especially coming from my family.

    Oh, and I wouldn't marry someone much richer than me either, because I think he'd control me or have more power over me. I would only date someone who is around my social class.

    • are my any chances Indiana and me as diss but in India they real strike about sociably callss

      anyway your parent most very materialistic if they would let date outside your class but should married money instead of human

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    • some "poor" that his personalty ? lol

    • Oh no, I expressed myself wrong. I mean, the only way I would date someone poor, is that he needs to be a bohemian artist. I am very interested in artists, so, they are the only exceptions for me.

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  • calur?


    • ye I got the wrong calur! but good for you ,I'll be able too win the first grade spelling after all these year and I will not.

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    • Ann Arbor like a much smaller houston tx

    • I mean Austin, TX

  • .?


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