Why do guys stare at a beautiful girl, but never approach?

Any takers to the question?


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  • We're afraid of rejection. We're a lot more fragile than we're given credit for :/

    • Thank you for your honesty :)

    • No problem :)

      Really tho, guys should be more open about being sensitive. I sure think it'd clear up a lot of conflict between the sexes.

    • Agreed!

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  • 2 reasons: Fear and fear...

    First of all, there's the fear that the girl might find it creepy depending on the situation/setting. The last thing I want to do is make some random person uncomfortable.

    Secondly, the big one. Fear of rejection/embarrassment. (I'd make a horrible telemarketer.)

    • How does a girl make a guy feel comfortable to be around her then?

    • Give us a green light.

      Examples: Make eye contact and smile. Have an open, friendly posture (no crossed arms, etc.).

    • Uh oh, I'm in trouble. Ha. I think I get too shy to even smile.

  • Intimidation, fear of rejection, not knowing what to say or how to approach, low self esteem/don't feel like we're on her "level", we think she wouldn't be interested, we think she's already taken, the guy is gay, the guy is asexual, the guy isn't interested, the guy has had bad experiences with pretty girls, the guy is taken and is only looking...

    There are a ton of reasons and each guy has his own, but those are the most common.

  • Biggest fear would be the fear of getting shot down, I mean c'mon some girls are really mean.

    • True. I've been a witness to it happen too. I don't understand why some girls have to be that way.

  • Because they don't want to ruin the fantasy by hearing them talk.

  • I'll answer your question with a question..

    Why don't you approach guys?

    • It's not really my style. I don't feel comfortable with it. Honestly, I don't think so much of myself that I wouldn't be humble towards a guy, don't get me wrong. I just like old fashioned ways :) I grew up with old fashioned guys. There is nothing more attractive than a gentleman opening the door for a lady.

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    • Well, it wasn't meant to be taken that way. I smile and in social circles I say hi, to be friendly... of coarse. Being friendly is all apart of the old fashioned way. I just don't feel comfortable with asking a guy out or asking for his number. I think so much of what being a "gentleman" and what being a "lady" is, has been made into something it's not by modern culture.

    • The point I was trying to make was that you would feel the same way we do; Nervous as hell! Before I ask a question, relating to why another person does something, I always imagine myself in their position first and figure out how I think I might feel. We're all human, which means we all do and don't do things for a lot of the same reasons.

      You can't just sit around and wait for Mr. Right to come sweep you off your feet. This is the real world. You might just have to go sweep him off of his...

  • think your taken its not hard to figure out, plus approaching random chicks is usually creepy

    • Well what if it's a known fact that the girl isn't taken, and the girl makes it obvious that she notices the guy?

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    • well that's what I think every time. I won't talk to them unless they start talking to me first witch actually happens a lot especially when there drunk

    • Oh no, haha. That could explain the frustration a girl feels when the guy doesn't approach... I had no idea what was going through their brain!

  • what do you mean by never approach...

    • Meaning they stare, but don't go up to the girl, don't make a move or even say hi. They just stare and smile, whisper to their friends, etc. But that's about it.

  • Too scared, talk to me :)


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