Guys....what should I bring?

A male friend, who is 33, asks me over to watch a movie and hang out. I am planning on going over around 10:30, so that his daughter is asleep. What should a bring? The movie, something to drink, something to snack on, nothing, or just myself?


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  • 1. Movie you love & want to share, also to see if he has similar tastes - "as a backup to his"

    2. Either your favorite snack or a small bottle of something. He needs to know what you like. Leave them there if not consumed. You will expect them or a replacement to be there next time, so you won't have to lug all this stuff each time.

    3. Protection - not kidding, both pepper spray & rubbers - spray is "for the street" and the other is something your brother told you to always have on hand ... and "you don't want to know more about that for now"

    4. A list of questions about his former life!

    5. Comfortable clothes (but they must show off your body w/o revealing too much to a daughter), great smile, enthusiasm

    Have FUN!


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  • Well, if he asked you over for a movie, wouldn't he have the movie picked out? I'm sure he has thought of what to snack on as well. Perhaps he was just thinking of one movie then fooling around so if you bring a movie that might give the impression that you just want to watch movies.

    • Good bring nothing. Would a bottle of wine be ok? I was raised to bring something when invited to someone's house.

    • Only if you know how he reacts with wine. If you lose your inhibitions with it, I might hold off until the next time. You could even tell him you thought about bringing wine and give him the reasons why you didn't. Wal-Mart has M&Ms of specific colors. You could get the one that is his favorite color.

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  • a bottle of wine is always good.. but he probably already has all of this stuff. so just bring yourself :)

  • Condoms, and cab fare home.

  • Bring a change of clothes and a toothbrush for sure! A nice bottle of wine would be a very nice touch and I know I'd appreciate it.

    • Well, I cannot lie...i would not mind if we did not watch the entire movie, but I do not want to move too fast too soon. Is there such a thing...too fast too soon?

    • I don't think so. If the chemistry's good it's GREAT to be able to dive in. I'm assuming this isn't first date if you're going over for a movie. I don't think there's much chance you'll make it through the whole show. Though if you want to ramp up the tension, watch it naked under a blanket and INSIST that you finish the movie before before moving on to other activities. . .

    • Hey, how did this turn out?

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