I want to make my stomach muscles buff, please give me some advice!

I have back problems that don't allow me to do normal exercises for my stomach. I try to keep as fit as possible without overdoing it of course XD But my stomach is getting big and I won't let that happen. Can any of you give me examples of exercise that build up stomach muscles but don't pressure the back? Because from what I do now my back aches really bad. Thank you!


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  • Everyone has a six pack. There's just usually a layer of fat covering it up. Although strengthening your stomach muscles is good, you should really focus on losing fat. Losing weight would also certainly help your back. There are no truly good exercises that you can do that won't put stress on your back. You should really try some exercises to strengthen your back. A strong back is a happy back.

    Is there a specific reason your back bothers you that you know of? A friend of mine hurt his back badly once and had to have surgery. In a case like that, you want to consult your doctor before you take advice from people on this website.

    Speaking of websites.. bodybuilding.com is an Amazing informational website for health and fitness. There you can find dieting and exercise info from qualified professionals.

    Now for what you don't want to hear. If your back just bothers you and you have had no Serious injuries or birth/growth related problems, I'd say you're just making excuses for yourself. Stop it.

    1: Focus on setting up and sticking to a healthy diet. Check out that website.

    2: Buy a gym membership. Most gyms offer free personal training to get you started.

    It may seem impossible, but it really isn't. If getting to where you wanted to be was easy, everyone would be doing it.

    Best of luck.

    ..and don't forget.. Bodybuilding.com Don't be fooled by the name. There's thousands of useful tips on health, fitness, and life on there.

    • The problems with my back are genetic. I've went to doctors it's not about the muscles. As for diet as I said in a previous comment to an answer My body tolerates certain types of foods I already have diet specifically designed for me. I'm not making up excuses, I just don't have good health and am trying to make my body as good as possible! I prefer to live an active life. Thank you for the website, I'll go there and search for useful tips for my situation. :)

    • K, good luck.

      I wish I could give you exercise advice, but - even though I'm a huge fitness geek - I really can't wrap my head around your situation. I donno if that makes sense.. We'll just say I feel under-qualified.

      Most gyms offer free 1 day or 1 week trial memberships, SO.. Do your research. Maybe take notes. Go to a gym that offers free trials. Have an employee show you around and let em know what you wanna do. And try stuff out. See what works and what doesn't.

      Yea? : )

    • Going to gym in my country is a luxury most people can't afford. You can go once or twice but that's it. Too expensive for long term memberships and stuff. Absolutely no free trial periods XD That's why I'm asking around here I can't get professional help. I should have explained more in my question I suppose... I'm looking up exercises in the internet now based on the advise I got here :)

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  • if you don't have much time to exercise..lessen the carb intake and eat lots of fruits and veggies..drinking water will help also just make sure you eat an adequate breakfast and lunch and less on dinner..

    there is a saying Eat like a king in the morning, eat like a prince at noon, and eat like a beggar at night..

    • That's a very good saying and also one I've been doing for over two years. Eatring right is very important for me. Thank you! :) I'm glad there are people who don't just think if they exercise enough they'll be healthy.

  • Yeah, throughout the day tighten your stomach... that should keep you tone. If you want to stop gaining belly fat than stop eating so damn much. Doing only stomach exercises will not decrease your stomach. You need to do cardio and lower calorie intake. It isn't possible to only lose the fat on your stomach, when losing weight it is lost equally throughout your body.

    • You probably already have decent abs, you might need to do a ton of cardio to lose the fat covering it.

    • I have a very specific diet made especially for me because I have problems with some foods. Ot's healthy enough. It's what I can eat. I just want to spare my back a little you know... WEll I'll look into cardio. Thank you for your answer! :)

  • Do cardio like running to trim that stomach fat, then, as Lex said, do planks to strengthen your back muscles. Once you feel strong enough, you should do 30 seconds to a minutes worth of situps.

    I had a 6 pack from running alone (I did do a few situps every now and then), but I'm not sure 'buff stomach muscles' suit a girl lol, but hey, whatever floats your boat! :P

    • well not big obvious ones XD Just a little bit buffer than the average girl tummy.

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    • Yeah, I know what you mean, it would definitely look great on you! :)

      I know it may take a while and will be quite a hassle, but the end result will definitely pay off! :D

    • Fingers crossed :P

  • You don't get a slim stomach by doing ab exercises. You need to lower your body fat. That involves strength training to increase muscle mass and cardio.

    On the muscle side focus on the big groups: legs, chest, back. For cardio, you can run, row, bike, pretty much anything that gets your heart pumping.

    The other element (excercise is about 50%) is diet. That doesn't usually mean massively cutting calories. You can probably do well just by cutting out excess sugar and eating a good mix of vegetables and high quality protein, while going easy on the carbs. The key is to start slow and build better habits gradually. I've started by reducing extra sugar (mostly in juice and sugary drinks for me) and eating a protein rich breakfast every day.

    • If you look at the other answers and my comments to them you'll notice what I said about diet and my back. The question's actually about excersizes that go easy on my back. I don't have that much body fat to get rid of...

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    • Good for you! I would've thought Sofia would've had cheaper gym options, but I've never been o Bulgaria. Anyway, it sounds like you're finding good info so that's great. Good luck!

    • Thank you! Well it's not unaffordable, but it's not cheap either. I prefer the things I'm doing :)

  • do plank style exercises


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  • If you want a smaller stomach you have to lose fat. I think the best way for you to do this, low impact, would be swimming. Though there are many other low impact workouts you can do that won't put too much pressure on your back.

  • Definitely take a Pilates class. Pilates is customizable so you can do the exercises without putting a lot of strain on your back. A lot of the moves also help strengthen the back.

    You can join a class at most gyms or you can sign up for one at a community college.

    I absolutely loved Pilates when I took it.

    • I can't. In my country pilates classes are not very popular (yet) and they are way too expensive for me to go. I need sth more specific like some sort of exercise. When did you go on Pilates classes?

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    • Swimming is also a total body workout. You can get in shape really quickly by swimming for a few hours a day.

    • Now that's more suitable for me. I'll have to do a lot of swimming though XD Thank you!

  • I have that same problem since my back surgery. There are to exercises that I am going to try the first is the "turbo kick" which has this ab move while standing up (look it up on youtube) (also there is the "turbo fire" which has a low impact modifier in it). also I might be getting the Total Gym XLS which comes with an ab bar that allows you to work your abs while kneeling and sliding on the glider (look up the ad).

    It is really difficult to find any exercise workout that is good while not using your back, but these are the two I am going to try.

    • OH finally someone who understands. thank you so much for the advise. I will try it too. Hope it works for both of us. Thank you1 :)

  • Planks and walkouts. Google it :D


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