Best natural beauty tips?

Spill 'em!

I have a few.

Use coconut oil as makeup remover.

Cocoa butter for all body moisturizer...

OMG Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil did wonders for my skin :)

Use coconut oil and dabur amla oiil iin the hair, leave it overnight as a deep hair oil treatment.

Dont dye your hair much.

Dont smoke.

Dont wear powder foundatiion if you're over 27 :P

Keep the makeup to a minimum


Exfoliate your body with coconut oil and sugar mixture before you shave.

WAX, don't SHAVE =P

Smile, don't frown.

Dont wear makeup / blowdry hair if you're not going out.



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  • Here's a slightly insane but great way to look like you possess natural beauty, and might make heads turn, too. Everyone loves pale skin, right?

    You can bleach or whiten your skin by soaking lemon slices in milk overnight (refridgerate the milk!) and then apply them to your skin for about an hour, I believe. It sucks the colour from the skin, or something, and makes it quite pale. I've used it on my hands once, in expressive arts, way back in school.

    Of course you'd need quite a few lemons to be able to bleach your entire body, but for your face, neck and hands, it wouldn't be too difficult. Not even sure you'd need a whole hour for the bleaching either.

    It's completely safe as well, since no chemicals are used.

    • That sounds retarded.

    • Oh believe me, it is. Never tried it (outside of school) but it's popular with the goth girls. :)

      I can't actually be sure if it drains the colour or simply stains your skin white, but I'm guessing either way you'll regret it when it rains.

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  • If that is your picture, you look like are girl coming out from a forest, but that ain't bad cause most of them are really sexy:)

    But my best natural beauty tip is that you only wear big tree leaves on your private parts, I mean I can't imagine a girl who's totally a naturist and wearing modern clothes where are the jungle clothes, common wear them NOW EVE!

    • i can't tell if you're being nice or mean, wtf =P

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    • I am complex and simple at the same time, its very weird. But not as weird as you =P

    • Well your complex cause you wear moder clothes why you depend on nature for most of your beauty make over's but your simple cause you use nature gifts...

      i'm weird because I'm trying to remove that complex part that you have & making you fully you know that putting couple drops of lemon in your eyes will make them shine & glow>:D

  • Being in love, having a positive outlook and having an active and healthy sex life all do wonders in the looks department.


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  • Use oil to shave instead of soap.

    Use baking soda in your shampoo for your hair, and also to exfoliate your skin.

    Egg masks for skin.

    Milk of magnesia as primer and deodorant.

    Don't overtweeze your eyebrows.

    Vaseline takes off makeup and helps heal scars.

    A dab of castor oil rubbed on your scalp the night before you wash it makes your hair grow faster and have more shine and body.

    • Bakikng soda? What does that do?!? By the way YES @ Castor oil, awesome stuff, egg masks are amazing--use the white part though! and yes I have nice thick brows

  • Applying sake on your skin with a cotton ball nightly can help reduce and get rid of skin discoloration and help with acne.

    Using a plain yogurt mask on your skin is great for exfoliating and leaves your skin glowing.

    Olive oil is a great makeup remover.

  • Put a thick layer of vaseline over your skin before sleep, and when you wake up you will have the softest skin you've ever felt. No joke, people are always rubbing my skin because they can't believe how soft it is.

    Besides that, I would say to change your perfume often so you don't get used to the scent and put too much on, also, having a different smell makes people notice you more.

  • Use vinegar on your hair to make it really shiny, but its not really a nice way to do it :) smelling like vinegar all day wouldn't be good

    • I've started doing the no shampoo thing and have found that after I use diluted apple cider vinegar in my hair and rinsed it out, diluted vanilla gets rid of the icky smell. Don't mix them together though, it makes a nasty combination :P

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