Girls, why are (some) rich guys attractive?

Other than being a gold-digger and using his money to your advantage, is there any other honest, genuine reason you would find a rich guy attractive?

Or is the only reason to date a rich guy simply for your own selfish benefit?

Why do YOU like rich guys (if you even do) in general? What's so attractive about them?

I'd like to hear some opinions. :)


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  • High status

    He's probably more confident

    He has a better lifestyle and can expose you to things you wouldn't have seen before

    If you start a family with him and raise his children you won't have to worry about struggling and being on food stamps.

    He is likely to be ambitious, hard working and intelligent

    I have never dated a rich guy, although I would, I'm just listing reasons why they would be attractive. Either way, why do men want to date beautiful women? To use her (body/image) for his own selfish benefit? It's just interesting that people call women who date rich guys gold diggers but men who exclusively date beautiful women don't get name called. Just saying lol

    • That's the list I'm looking for :)

      The men dating beautiful women vs. women dating rich men dichotomy...I've never thought about it like that before. I guess it may have to due with women viewed as usually getting the decision whether to engage in a relationship with men or not. Kinda like how a girl who sleeps around is a slut, whereas a guy who sleeps around is a player, or experienced.

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    • actually there are male gold diggers lol probably less so than female gold diggers tho. I think female beauty and money can be compared because beauty can be used as power for women, and looks can be used as power for men. beauty may not be a material possession but it can be argued that picking a woman solely because of her trophy good looks and showing her off because of her image is just as superficial as wanting a guy to buy you things.

    • oh I forgot to add rich guys usually dress nicer which helps their appearance

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  • Personally, I don't prefer the whole 'rich-guy' image, especially if they flaunt it. A lot of the time, I find that excessive amounts of money = conceit, and I hate that in a guy.

    I don't see any reason that they could possibly seem more attractive if they have money. At least to me... we all know some girls are different. :P

  • i don't want to date guys because of money. but rich guys usually appear more attractive than average guys maybe because they can afford beautifying treatments, dermatologist visits, cool suits,expensive perfumes, a bunch of good tees and clothes, and much more. so probably, they have the "thing" to look good.

  • i have dated guys with millions and guys that could barely pay rent (and guys in between), and my decision to date them never had anything to do with money. society focuses on the "gold diggers" and not the shallow, one-dimensional millionaires that attract them. a rich guy with morals and self-respect is going to see through a gold digger, so I think it's a bit short-sighted to put all of the responsibility for deception on women...

    • Yeah, I can see what you mean...the sad part is that there are women out there like that.

      And simply because of them, it ruins the image set for the rest of the women who date a well-off guy.

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