Do you like to wear snug clothing at the gym?

I recently started to wear almost skin tight shorts and underwear to aerobics and yoga, yes it's a turn on, but does anyone else do the same ? Have you seen anyone like this ?


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  • If people are looking, it's probably because they think you look ridiculous. Most girls don't want to see a guy in skin tight shorts.

    • is it not my own choice as is women in lycra ?

    • Of course it's your own choice---feel free to wear what you want.

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  • *dry retch* skin tight on a guy is so NOT a turn on! I don't wanna see the outline of your d*** when I'm at the gym. ew.

  • tight shorts on a guy is never a turn on sorry!

    • Why not though ?

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    • It is a turn on for me to wear them, so I work out and have fun, but I have had admiering/odd looks when hard, what would you say/do if you saw that ?

    • ok keep doing what you're doing then

  • dude you're a guy. no that's not a turn on

    • I am a guy, what do you mean ?

What Guys Said 1

  • I only really see guys at the gym wear tight clothing in the pool. I guess I wear fairly form fitting shirts when I run or lift but for the most part I don't think tight clothing on men while working out is considered all that common or attractive.


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