How old do you have to be and what bra size to become a glamor model?

lol this probably isn't the sort of questions you ask I just really need to no x


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  • In Florida you have to be over 55, and still have breasts.

    • im sure you do , judging by your picture

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    • what do you mean judging by mine , I'm not ugly if that's what your trying to say but I wouldn't exspect you to see my picture , you just wrote a childish comment , when your clearly not a child !

    • Think much?

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  • I work in fashion as a professional photographer. Have to be 18. Most girls are at least a D to DD to shoot glamour. I don't bother looking at anything else.

  • Any bra size, older than the legal age in your country/region.

    • go you for listening to dubstep! and thanks x

  • i think youd have a lot better luck searching for that than asking on gag?

    • thanks for your help . But I Chose To Ask On "gag" thanks

    • gag is what its referred to for anyone that's asked more than a single question

    • okk

  • In the UK you can be 16.

    Bra size ... I don't think there is a minimum but bigger is better.

    • wahoo! lol thanks !x

    • Get a portfolio done, and then talk to an agency. I think The Sun newspaper still gives contact details for any girls who want to get in the biz. (I haven't looked at The Sun since my teens though.) Good luck.

    • ok thanks for your help I will :) x

  • not sure..

    Your beautiful btw!


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