Will my hair thin if I do these things?

1. part it and then pull back in a wet pony tail 2. wear a pony tail everyday 3. wash my hair everyday


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What Guys Said 1

  • Keep up this routine and in approx 7 years you will have very thin hair, a further 5 years and you'll have no hair! Think I'm a lier... I'm a hair doctor!

    • i don't know what to do! its too fine to wear it down or put in a ponytail dry. when its wet and up it feels thicker and look thicker...but now I notice my part is shiny what does that mean?

    • also I only do this when I'm going out. when I sleep its down and when I'm home its down...but I look bad and its fine and thin so I don't wear it down in public. I wish I could but its to embarressing so I'm kinda in a sticky situation. I'm terrified of hair loss and thinning and already feel like I've been experiencing it but its hard to tell. I take hair vitamins, massage my scalp, use organic shampoo, and now luxiq to clear scalp. id love for you to make suggestions maybe I can inbox you privately

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  • putting your hair up when its wet is bad for your hair and scalp, so you shouldn't do that. Washing your hair everyday can dry your scalp and hair also, I don't know if anything bad will happen if you wear your hair in a pony tail everyday tho.


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