Girls, what makes a guy's face attractive?

I always thought that if you had a acne free and proportional face, you should have an attractive face. However, lately I've been observing that there are other qualities that makes a face attractive. It seems to me that the guys that have a more feminine face are the ones that are consider to have an attractive face. So, what makes a guy's face attractive?


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  • Alot of girls are into the more feminine face ,

    just because it tends to make the guy look more approachable if he's not like, rough? looking I guess,

    like silver said its a lot less threatening,

    but personally I always look at a guys jaw. If he has a really strong or defined jaw I just think its amazing, (:

    • I think you and silver are right. I do have a tough looking face and I think it makes me look threatening. I guess the modern man needs to be more feminine.

    • Maybe, but I mean it depends who you ask,

      Im not so much into the feminine face,

      I guess I'd just rather be seen with someone who looks like he can hold his own,

      I mean the guys with feminine faces are cute, but not really my type. Even though they look sweet and innocent I also think they look like they can't hold their own most of the time,

      even if its not true, its a turn off for me:P

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  • I tend to like a "stronger" face if that makes sense. Feminine faces aren't very attractive to me personally, but I also think it depends on the type and age of girl you're talking to. Many younger girls like feminine face because it's less "threatening", but you don't just have to be young to like that, just many younger girls do.

    All depends on the girl.

  • It depends on who you ask, and its not all about the face. I like a stronger looking face. Feminine is not that attractive to me. If you want to be attractive be a gentlemen. Every girl gets all mushy over a gentlemen. :)

  • Strong, Facial hair, I like the shaggy look.. mhmm

    • where is the line drawn between "shaggy" and scruffy? I'm jw lol

  • You are shallow


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